Wu-Tang Clan Enter the Fortnite Island

Wu-Tang Clan Fortnite enter the island collaboration

It appears that “Fortnite” has done it yet again with another collaboration, and this time in the form of rebound hip-hop group the Wu-Tang Clan, specifically as two outfits based on the group have come to the battle royale along with some additional items. While this isn’t as deep as most “Fortnite” collaborations go, especially music-related, the collaboration between the video game publisher, Epic Games, and Wu-Tang Clan was simultaneously surprising and not as Wu-Tang explores themes that may not be the most appropriate for “Fortnite” but the group has always been at the forefront of pop culture. Below we’ve gone into detail on the collaboration of Wu-Tang Clan enter the “Fortnite” island, as well as what exactly was included with the latest collaborative drop between the two.

Epic Games and Music

“Fortnite” has always had music involved in the battle royale, and even Save The World, to some extent or another but as the game continued to grow, so did the scale of the musical collaborations and how the experiences were portrayed. Epic Games themselves have made music a pivotal part of “Fortnite”, at least for fans that wish to interact with such things, as music packs have been included in the battle pass for some time now. However, outside of “Fortnite” directly, within the last year’s time, Epic Games have acquired two music-related companies, Harmonix and Bandcamp, and while they may both be recognized brands for different reasons, Bandcamp certainly stands out as the company has never been referenced through the video game industry before. Harmonix, on the other hand, will be used for the growth of “Fortnite” music-related events and other Epic properties outside of “Fortnite”.

Fortnite Music Collaborations

As stated above, “Fortnite” has always been loaded with collaborations but when it comes to music collaborations, Epic Games has portrayed them in various different ways from concert events on a grand scale, to a smaller scale and to the simpler outfits and similar music inspired collaborations. Previous “Fortnite” music collaborations that have been on a large enough scale to compare to end-season events we have been lucky enough to have been graced with include artists such as Ariana Grande and Travis Scott to name the largest but “Fortnite” has also done more medium-scale events with bands such as the highly interactive that featured easy life. Without a doubt, the Wu-Tang Clan “Fortnite” collaboration that brought the hip-hop group to the island wouldn’t be possible without the very first musical event that featured the popular “Fortnite” player and DJ Marshmello. That’s not all for the different levels of “Fortnite” musical collaborations and events as the battle royale party extension of “Fortnite” called Party Royale has also houses possibly more musical performances than any other method of a musical event to come to the island as the Party Royale hub has had miniature festivals in the past called the Shockwave Series that’s likely to only expand with the help of the team within Harmonix dedicated to music evolution through video games. Currently, on top of the Wu-Tang Clan set available now, the “Fortnite” item shop also currently has 4 different outfits and various other items under the Coachella set that players can also grab to feel immersed in the world-famous festival. Of course “Fortnite” has collaborated on every different level possible, such as most recently receiving a total $2 billion investment, partially from LEGO, which Epic Games has partnered with to build a metaverse for kids.

Wu-Tang Clan Enter the Fortnite Island

The newest “Fortnite” Wu-Tang Clan collaboration may have only featured outfits and some additional items for customization as well, fans of the hip-hop group could easily be disappointed with the lack of a true collaboration but as stated above, some Wu-Tang Clan themes are not appropriate for the all-ages game that “Fortnite” has been known to be. Currently available in the Fortnite item shop, the Wu-Tang Clan items included are two outfits, one male and one female and each outfit include a different music reactive back bling with two different styles variations, a pickaxe each, also with two different style variations. Additionally, on top of the two outfits and the items included with them, players can also acquire a wrap, an emote, and a glider that like the other items listed above, has two style variations to choose from. While there are even more items included in the collaboration as the Wu-Tang Clan enter the “Fortnite” island in the form of outfits and more, they are the lesser sought-after items that join the occasional collaboration in the form of emoticons, loading screens, banners, and sprays. Although these items are boring and often usused compared to other items and actions players have access to, banners aren’t often included so this small bundle of items may be worthwhile just for that, if you’re a fan of Wu-Tang Clan and this “Fortnite” collaboration.

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