Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – King Gleeok Boss Guide

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has a lot to offer for Breath of the Wild fans. Not only there are two different layers of the overworld, but also a slew of new enemies to find. Thusly, there is a whole new crop of bosses to lock blades within Tears of the Kingdom. Some of the most noteworthy are the Gleeoks. These monsters are three-headed dragons that come with a variety of elemental powers. Taking down these foes can be extraordinarily difficult and it will take some planning and proper resources to overcome them.

Gleeoks can be found in various locations in Hyrule. As far as King Gleeoks, there are a total of four of them. King Gleeoks looks fundamentally the same as the rest of their brethren. The main difference between them is that each head holds a different elemental power. So, the danger of fighting these beasts is increased threefold. However, there isn’t much of a difference between fighting King Gleeoks as opposed to regular Gleeoks. The hard part is finding a strategy that works in your favor and not tripping up. The main appeal of Tears of the Kingdom is that there are almost unlimited ways to craft vehicles and weapons. When it comes to Gleeoks, players will need some rather hearty hardware.

The main trick when dealing with Gleeoks is that Link will need to stay on the move constantly. Standing still will spell his doom. Therefore, it is recommended that Link stores a variety of Hearty Meals. Things like; Meat Skewers, Mighty Meat, Mushroom Skewers, Hearty Elixir, Fairy Tonic, and Pumpkin Pie, just to name a few. These recipes will restore hearts and buff up Link’s defense. Yes, defense is something that should be nursed when facing Gleeoks. Because they can crush him with just one or two hits. It’s important to plan accordingly.

King Gleeok Locations

Once Link gets close to a Gleeok, they tend to be pretty easy to spot. As far as the King Gleeoks, they like to fly extra high in the air and you will see them gliding around at a distance. Considering that there are four King Gleeoks, they are pretty far apart from each other.

  • In the Gerudo Sky – A sky island that’s above the desert near the Lightning Temple.
  • Near Evertide Isle – A sky island floating high up in the air close to Fort Hateno.
  • West Hebra Sky Mountains – Can be found adjacent to the Wind Temple.
  • Great Hyrule Forest Depths – There is a Gleeok Den hidden on the Northern side of the Depths.

Whenever facing these foes in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, it might be a good idea to drop a Travel Medallion so players can freely come and go whenever they feel ready. Considering that Link will take on one of every element, it can be tough to switch between the required weapons. Wearing gear that is either fire or cold-resistant will give Link a little extra protection. There is no “one and true” way to defeat Gleeoks. Players, in general, will need to figure out their own methods.

How To Beat King Gleeoks

All things considered, fighting King Gleeoks is pretty much the same as fighting the standard ones. The major difference here is that King Gleeoks come with extra life and more powerful attacks. Every Gleeok fight happens in an environment that is accustomed to helping Link out. There are usually, rocks and pillars around the arena that he can hide behind. Try and focus on one head at a time. Take on its fire powers using ice fruit, for example. The best way to land shots is to catch some serious air and fly way up above the Gleeok. Then, pick one head and shoot arrows down from above. Experiment with rockets on Link’s attire to jettison high in the air fast. If nothing else, using the glider to zoom up into the air via wind gusts in another way.

After enough hits, the Gleeok will become stunned and fall to the ground. Simply pick your melee weapon of choice and wail on it. Alternatively, and more dangerously, Link can also stay on the ground and use the aforementioned rock and pillars as cover. Between the Gleeok’s attacks, jump out and sling some arrows into its face until it becomes stunned. Then run up to it and land some hits. Just be sure to get out of the way before it jumps back onto its feet.

The Gleeok’s Last Stand

After about half of the Gleeok’s health is depleted, it will switch up its attack patterns. It will alight way up in the air and bombard Link with all of its attacks. Your best bet is to fly up with it and battle it while in the air. Use either; rockets or zonai springs to quickly reach the heights needed to score some hits. After enough blows, it will fall down onto the ground, stunned. So again, keep hitting with whatever melee weapon is available to chip away its HP. Also, take note that its aerial attacks come with some rather extensive splash damage. So, Link would be better off getting off the ground as soon as the Gleeok hits its second phase.


The King Gleeoks will be some of the most difficult bosses to fight in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. With some practice and patience, players will find that these dragons can actually go down pretty easily. Honestly, the hardest part will be finding ways to get to them. Given how extensive the map is in this game, it might take a good chunk of a gamer’s playthrough just to locate all four of them. When all of the King Gleeoks are slain, Link will be rewarded with some rather epic loot. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is now available for Nintendo Switch.

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