The Prince of Hyrule

Two fantastic franchises combine in this rather cool series from artist Lantha Noid. In it, Legend of Zelda characters get a decidedly Prince of Persia makeover, and it makes me wonder what such a title might look like.

What if you could combine the excellent freerunning, climbing and fighting with the puzzles and equipment and story of the Zelda games? Why, you’d get something pretty awesome no doubt.

I’m behind on like, the last three titles, but I’ll get there someday. If Nintendo ever persuades me to buy one of their consoles again that is.

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  1. I honestly love and get a lot of use out of my Wii – At least as much as my XBox and way more than my PS3. I will say, however, Windwaker was a pretty awesome Zelda game, Twilight Princess was an awesome Zelda game, Skyward Sword… I coulda done without. It isn’t a bad game by itself, but it’s a bad joke as a zelda game. Exploration? Gone. It took the ‘Wide open expanse’ approach of Windwaker, but then forgot to put 90% of the stuff IN there for you to find. Just… Bah.

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