The Guild – I’m the One That’s Cool


It seems with almost every new season, The Guild comes out with another awesome music video to accompany it. I still think nothing will top Date My Avatar, but this new song is rather cool. The lyrics make it practically an Avril Lavigne/Taylor Swift track, as it relates to high school and popularity, but I think it makes a large point about what it means to be a “dork,” “nerd,” or “geek” these days.

Geeks, quite simply, rule the world. They have the highest paying jobs, work in the most cutting edge industries and their hobbies (gaming, etc) are now completely ingrained in mainstream culture. And there’s not really a jock/nerd distinction as you get older the way there might have been in high school. Turns out you can play basketball AND Skyrim in your free time, and no one gives a shit.

Anyway, I think it’s kind of a cool message, and I’d hate to be the guy who picked on Felicia Day back in high school.

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  1. Well, jocks grow up to be fratboys/douchebags/dudebros, and nerds grow up to be geeks and techies so even though the social distinction isn’t as strong in adulthood, the personality traits largely remain and define who you are in life. And who contributes more to society and pop culture in the cyber age, “nerds” or “jocks”? That’s what the song’s all about. The things that made you “cool” in high school are often the same things that will make you a shithead when real life comes knocking. Lame song, but great vid. And yeah, I married the girl at my school that turned down every “cool” guy and dealer who looked down their nose at me at the time. Dig.

  2. i was kinda lucky. in my high school, the captain of the football team / star quarterback also owned the local comic shop with his dad (nevermind that it started as a sports card store and branched out…end result was the same!). also, half the stars of the football team and wrestling teams were also big in jazz band and show choir. the biggest badasses in the school were more likely to beat the s**t out of people for making fun of the effeminate band teacher than other nerds, because they, themselves, were band geeks.

    also, in and after college, the best parties i ever attended were from the group of friends in the marching band. huge football fans, and lots of great parties.

  3. Yeah, we didn’t have this kind of clique issue at my high school either. I was both a jock, playing hockey and rugby and running track, but was on the honour roll and considered one of the “smart kids” while taking photography and drama to boot. There were different groups, no doubt, but they weren’t split the way high school is traditionally portrayed.

    Regardless, the point is that Felicia Day looks insanely hot in that video.

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