Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game – Julie Character Guide

When it comes to Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game, there are quite a few victim characters that excel in stealth. One of the best characters with this ability is Julie. She comes with some rather useful nuances in her skill set that make her a phantom toward the killers. A few of the killers, namely Johnny and The Cook, have extensive ways to locate and hunt down victims. When it comes to Julie, she can neutralize these killers’ abilities. She is like a little mouse that can run off and slip away undetected when spotted.

Unlike Leland, Julie isn’t a fighter. She is all about snooping around, being quiet, and accomplishing tasks. The kicker here is that she is made out of glass. So, only a few hits can take her down pretty quickly. Therefore, players will need to be extra careful when fixing and assembling things around the map. Playing as Julie can be a tense experience. Players can’t afford to get caught, or it will be ‘game over.’ When it comes to playing an honest “horror movie experience,” Julie is the character to pick out.

Another nice attribute that comes with Julie is the fact that she can run like the wind. Her speed is unmatched in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game. It is easy to shake off the killers and hide in some bushes like a little jackrabbit. Her stamina can drain rapidly, however, the trade-off is leaving the killers in her dust. Additionally, as mentioned before, she can ward off the radar abilities that come with The Cook and Johnny. Which can make her a nuisance to the killers whenever she manages to make an escape.

Julie’s Abilities

So, Julie’s main ability is called, “Ultimate Escape.” As mentioned before, this allows her to remain undetected from certain killers like Johnny and The Cook. It’s not to say that the killers can’t “hear” Julie, because they can. So, even though Julie will be off their radar, aerial clues will still remain a factor. So, be careful when sneaking about, because Julie can’t handle fighting off pursuers like other characters can. Needless to say, Julie isn’t the most proficient character when it comes to completing tasks. However, once she reaches Level 5, there will be perks available that can circumvent this attribute.

Even though her main ability can be highly useful, be sure to use it during absolute emergencies. The cooldown for it is a bit extensive and it will leave Julie drained during a heated pursuit. This ability is best used while out in the open when making a break for it toward the exit. If ‘Ultimate Escape‘ is used indoors, it will be a waste due to all the obstacles that will get in the way. Hence, it will make Julie’s running a clumsy ordeal when trying to shake off Leatherface or someone. Not to mention, she will be vulnerable when the cooldown is in effect.

Julie’s Attributes

When it comes to Julie, her best attributes are pretty obvious based on how she plays. Of course, all of these can be tweaked through the use of ‘Attribute Points‘ on the upgrade menu. Her endurance is around +30. Which is pretty good in comparison to the other victims. Additionally, her stealth ranks at a hearty +35. This makes her one of the sneakiest victims in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game. These two attributes are her strongest assets as a victim and players should play her accordingly. Using perks that add to her speed and stealth can make all the difference when upgrading Julie.

Now, Julie’s strength is at +15. Therefore, it is paramount to simply avoid confrontations with the killers at all costs. Fighting off killers is near impossible and it will spell Julie’s doom almost every time. On top of that, her toughness is at +25. She may be able to withstand a few strikes but don’t push your luck. Julie’s best bet is just to run away and recover. Lastly, Julie’s proficiency is down to a paltry +20. It can take her a while to assemble things, with the risk of making noise. It’s best to let other players do these activities, if possible. Some, like Sonny, are ideal.

Julie’s Skills

Buffing up Julie’s toughness and strength through Attribute Points might be would trying out. Additionally, the best perks to equip with playing as Julie are; Slippery and Choose Flight. The former will allow Julie to squeeze through crawl spaces and gaps at a faster speed. While the latter is useful for giving her stamina gauge more time before completely draining out. Speaking of which, looking into juicing up Julie’s proficiency is also recommended. This can really help her out during tight situations.

Hence, equipping the ‘Highly Skilled‘ perk will assist her with completing various tasks throughout the map. This will automatically increase the proficiency levels of characters up to three points. So, even if you adjusted Julie’s proficiency through the use of Attribute Points, this perk will add some extra power by default. Given that proficiency is one of Julie’s weakest attributes, stacking it up wouldn’t hurt in the grand scheme of things. When everything is boiled down, Julie is all about movement and speed. So, the focus on buffing these two factors will greatly increase the chances of winning a match.


Julie is the most evasive victim in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game. Even in her default setting, she can be a hassle to get a hold of during a pursuit. Players who are looking for a quick-footed and sneaky character should give Julie a try. Once you get past her shortcomings, she can have a lot to offer. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game is now available for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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