Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game – Sonny Character Guide

Considering that Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game introduces new killers to the Slaughter family, there are also a few new survivors to discover, as well. This game takes place before the events seen in the classic movie. So, there is a thinly veiled story bubbling under the surface of this asymmetrical horror-survival game. One survivor, in particular, to keep an eye on is Sonny. He is a gifted student who comes with perks that are associated with this intellect. He is a sneaky survivor and can really help out, as far as reconnaissance is concerned.

Certain killers, like Johnny, have a way to see and hunt down survivors with his abilities. Sonny is kind of the same way. He comes with a special ability that can detect the whereabouts of the killers and avoid them completely. This may seem cheap initially, but there are mechanics in place to curve any OP tendencies. Sonny can be a highly useful survivor in the right hands. He may not be the toughest survivor in the bunch, but his avoidance tactics balance out for him to be a slippery one to get a hold of.

So, Sonny’s prominent ability is known as “Heightened Sense.” He can see the killers through walls. Kind of like a “Spidey Sense” in some ways. He’s not a fighter in any form. So, it’s best not to get caught in any way. At least, in terms of starting out. After accumulating some XP, it will be possible to buff up his strength. Of course, that is totally optional. There are better survivors to use in that regard. In this particular case, Sonny excels at stealth and he should be played accordingly.

Sonny’s Abilities

So, as mentioned before, Sonny Williams is all about sneaking around. His “Heightened Sense” ability only has a certain timeframe to it. Players can’t spam it indefinitely during the match. Killers will only be highlighted for a brief period, only giving players a general idea of where they are at. Luckily, the cooldown for this ability is fundamentally quick. So, players can try and listen again for the killer’s whereabouts shortly thereafter. Of course, there are ways to tweak this by using this game’s upgrade system.

There is also a certain proximity to Sonny’s ability. He can’t detect the killers from very far away. They need to be close—a general approximation of what “listening distance” would be considered. The best way to use it is by sitting still within bushes or behind some debris to get a lay of the situation. It is vital not to get seen, much less caught when playing as Sonny. He can’t take much punishment and, more often than not, Sonny is usually one of the first victims to get thrown on the meat hook.

Sonny’s Attributes

Sonny Williams is all about speed and endurance. He can move around pretty quickly and get out of sight of the killers rather effectively. His endurance clocks in at about +35. He can run and do feats for a prolonged period of time, which can really come in handy as the final stretch of a map. Thus, his proficiency is up around +25, which makes him one of the best characters in unlocking doors and other puzzles. Perhaps, right next to Connie. Sonny’s strength is at around +35, which is not to be confused with his toughness.

No, Sonny’s toughness is at +15, which makes him pretty soft toward injuries. Killers can take him down pretty quickly and there isn’t much of a chance to fight them off. With that said, his stealth is also at +15. This is a little oxymoronic considering his stature, but Sonny does indeed make a bit of noise when moving around. So, players will need to really be mindful of sneaking around and avoiding alarms. When worse comes to worse, just stand still and wait for a snooping killer to bypass you. Then, double back and make your way around. This is your best chance of not getting caught. It takes a tactful player to get the hang of Sonny and his methods aren’t for everybody, for sure.

Sonny’s Skills

So, when it comes to Sonny, the key is to focus on enhancing his listening and escaping skills. ‘What Doesn’t Kill You‘ is a nice perk to have. It will regenerate 50% of your health if you don’t get hit again 15 seconds after getting injured. The main thing to look into is increasing the range of Sonny’s listening. One perk that players can use is ‘Meter Reader.’ This will enable Sonny to see both the killer and the generator that’s being worked on. This adds a little extra edge to Sonny’s abilities, helping players get a better feel of a killer’s whereabouts.

Given that Sonny isn’t much of a fighter, the best response to have is fleeing. When doing this, players have the option of slamming doors behind them. This is especially useful when it comes to Sonny. With the ‘Tae Kwon Door‘ perk activated, Sonny can actually stun pursuing killers for up to 12 seconds. Which, is plenty of time to escape and hide and figure out your next move. Sonny is a fragile figure, so taking time and using Attribute Points to beef up his toughness could help out in the long run. Alternatively, working on his stealth could also be beneficial.


When it comes to the victims in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game, Sonny is the most strategic. He can’t do much in terms of self-defense. However, his talent for getting things done and avoiding killers is almost unmatched. Just stay out of sight, don’t get cornered and players can easily win matches with Sonny. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game is now available for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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