Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game – How To Play As Connie

With Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game now officially released, players from all regions can now check out what it’s like to escape the clutches of the Slaughter Family. There are currently a total of five victims to choose from when playing a match. Like the killers, they all come with their own skills, abilities, and perks. Playing as a victim is a very different experience than playing as a killer. It’s very much like a ‘hide and seek‘ situation in many regards. Hence, playing as a victim can be a heart-pounding experience, especially when starting out.

In this particular case, Connie Taylor is probably the top-tier victim player to try out, as things currently stand. She comes with some speedy abilities that can make her a rather difficult rabbit to catch. However, even though Connie may have some of the most useful abilities in the game, there is a trade-off to keep in mind. This comes in the guise of sacrificing her stamina to do certain things as opposed to just using something in the inventory. There is a balancing act with Connie, for sure. Regardless, she is one of the most effective survivors in the game and players really should give her a chance when starting out.

So, the main appeal with Connie in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game is that she can pick locks on her own. She doesn’t need any special items in her inventory to make it happen. The kicker with this is that doing this will drain her stamina. Which is a hefty price to pay, indeed. Additionally, she won’t be able to detect the killers snooping around her, either. Regardless, Connie is a favorite among the player base and rightfully so. She comes with light-footed and sneaky mechanics, however, she isn’t the toughest survivor and its essential not to get caught.

Connie Taylor’s Abilities

So, the lock-picking ability is known as the “Focused Ability.” Through the cost of eating up stamina, she can quickly and quietly take apart locks. This is likely the most useful ability that any survivor has in this game. The trade-off with this is that this ability comes with a pretty long cooldown, which can really put Connie in a bind. So, it might be best to reserve it for truly sticky situations. Use the standard lockpicks as much as you can, and use the Focused Ability during emergencies.

Additionally, Connie also comes with a rather good Stealth ability. The closest to her is probably Julie in this regard. She makes very little noise when picking locks and doing other types of actions. Therefore, the killers will have a hard time picking her up. Connie can hide, wait for her Focused Ability cooldown to complete, then simply just inch her way to victory. Coupled with her attributes, Connie can be a thorn in the side of the Slaughter family in every match.

Connie’s Attributes

The attributes for the victims are quite different than the killers in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game. Her toughness lands around the +20 mark. Which is pretty fair, but she can still go down in a few hits. As far as her endurance, it comes around +25 and she can run for a long while. However, it won’t be enough to outrun Sissy or the Hitchhiker, for sure. Therefore, players better be frugal with it. On top of that, her strength is around +15. Fighting off killers during QTE is possible, but it can spell her death easily. So, it’s best to just avoid them altogether.

Thus, her strongest attribute is proficiency which is at +45. This is clearly related to her lock-picking abilities. As she is made to silently and smoothly unlock passageways and escape unnoticed. She does this quickly and she can a be difficult mouse to get a hold of with the killers. Lastly, her stealth hits right at +40. As mentioned before, she has the best stealth in the game, right next to Julie. Therefore, she can be very difficult to pinpoint and get a hold of.

Connie’s Skills

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game comes with a fairly elaborate skills tree for all characters. Every character can be modified, by following a particular path on the tree. Which, by the way, can be re-specced if need be. In Connie’s particular case, going along the way to help her with fighting off the killers might be a good idea. She is a sneaky character, but buffing up her chances of surviving QTE encounters is recommended. Also, letting her be a little more lasing with endurance might also be a good idea. Also, reducing her cooldown with ‘Focused’ could also make all the difference during the last segment of a match.

There are also ‘Attribute Points‘ that can be used to tweak the stats of the characters. They are unlocked on the skills tree in certain nodes. So, upgrading can be done is a number of ways in this game. Players can only stack up a total of 30 Attribute Points, and use them to adjust the strength, endurance or whatever else with all the characters. So, in Connie’s case, increasing her toughness, along with her endurance might be the way to go. You can chip away some of her stealth and she can still be ‘ok’ in that regard.


When starting out in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game, Connie is the go-to victim to try out. She can really help giving the layout of a map without much endurance due to her Focused ability. She is not the toughest fight, for sure. However, she can be a suitable choice for players who like to sneak around. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game is now available for PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

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