10 Things You Didn’t know about Dragon Quest Builders 2

Dragon Quest Builders 2

Dragon Quest Builders 2 comes just three years after the premiere of Dragon Quest Builders 1. The first game was developed under PlayStation 4, and its performance in the market created an excellent platform for this new version. It is a captivating brick building and role-playing game which comprises both single and multiplayer modes supporting up to four online players per game. The game’s storyline is sure to lure and satisfy all players as it encompasses battle and exploration with the help of villagers and a mysterious Marloth. It was released on 20th December 2018 and had a rating of 7/10. There is more you might know about the game as revealed by these facts.

1. Its developer

Dragon Quest Builders is created by Omega Force, a well-known video game developer based in Japan. It was founded back in 1996 by Kenichi Ogasawara and Akihiro Suzuki. Omega Force is known for their work in Dynasty Warriors, which they released in 2008 and its latest version is yet to be released. Other games that they have developed include Samurai Warriors, and Warriors Orochi, Bladestorm, and Pirate warriors among many others.

2. The plot

It is based on a hero who has the power to create but is tasked with battling evil and protecting their empire. The aim is to rebuild civilizations broken by the forces of evil in their kingdom of Alefgard. The player seeks vengeance for the defeat of their descendants of the Erdrick tribe. After escaping from the pirate ship ‘Children of Argon,’ the hero loses his memory and is washed to the shore where the mysterious Malroth comes to help him. From a third party’s perspective, players are supposed to make use of the villagers to build different structures, even cities. Each completed stage credits the player with gained experience points that they can trade for enhanced combat skills.

3. Its gaming platforms

Since its premiere, this game has been playing on leading gaming platforms. According to Fandom, Dragon Quest Builders 2 can be played on Play Station 4 and Nintendo Switch. It is not a surprise given that Dragon Quest one was also playing on PlayStation, Nintendo and X-box.

4. Its features

Dragon Quest Builders 2 comes with brand new astounding features that will blow your mind. In this game, tiling has been simplified, enabling gamers to create an unlimited number of blocks through streamlining the ability to tile over big chunks as well as simplified tree building. According to Destructoid, a new range of haircuts has been added to the game’s customization options. Furthermore, each male and female character will have their hairdos making it eight, four for each gender.

5. Its size

Its new 8-bit setup has significantly increased the game’s size, enabling players to explore the game and increased island size further. On PlayStation 4, it requires only 2.5 GB. According to Nintendo, the game requires a file of just 1.4 GB and up to four players on Nintendo Switch. The file sizes include the download patches needed to get new features and upgrades.

6. The multiplayer game mode

The multiplayer mode for this game is a thrilling experience that allows up to four online players per game. The mode enables users to play together wirelessly through added split-screen cooperation feature. To unlock the mode, the player must complete the first island and bring a chicken back to the throne in a thrilling series of events. With a PS Plus subscription, Omega Force has made it possible for PS4 and Nintendo players to play together, which is simply amazing.

7. The price

The game costs US$59.99 on PlayStation 4. A 20$ increment applies for any customer who wishes to purchase the Digital Deluxe edition. All the purchases can be made online via the PlayStation Store. On Nintendo, the game costs US$55.32 and a corresponding US$75.32 for the Digital Deluxe Pack which is slightly cheaper than PlayStation. Gamers can make purchases on Amazon, all Nintendo shops, and at Nintendo.com.

8. Changes from its predecessor

In the previous game, all you could do was march slowly through the wilderness. In the second version, sprinting is made possible and is limited by a stamina meter. This new feature increases the player’s exploration time as well as the dramatics. Another change is weapons. The new weapons upgrade automatically tramps the former where the created hammers and weapons degrade with time. Its second version has also enhanced fast travel. Unlike the first version where walking was slow, this version enables players to bullet to any location on the gaming map. The game uses artificial intelligence that makes weight lifting easier because the computer performs most of the functions.

9. Character development

Being a role-playing game, it has each character playing a specific role corresponding to the plot of the game. The player gradually becomes stronger and gains levels, mainly through building and combat. This game’s combat has no strategy, thus making the player very vulnerable because one only gains building materials as well as experience from defeated monsters. Each conquered island for the player offers further alliances to protect their settlements when they are away. In multiplayer mode, users can develop their gaming characters and take snapshots which they can share on social media.

10. Its drawbacks

Despite being charming and fun to play, Dragon Quest still has a few limitations. The player’s effectiveness in building and combat has been reduced due to excessive improvements. Moreover, the game is slow, and players who enjoy the thrills of a much faster game may find this game to be unsatisfactory. Its battles seem quite easy and repetitive, as a player pushes a button and is assisted by their more powerful mate. According to Forbes it is an exciting game that has a few issues due to the developers’ over-ambitiousness. The site cites its slow speed, ample space, and frequent player assistance as the most serious problems that its developers should rectify for the game to be perfect.

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