Dying Light Cheats and Secrets: The Ultimate Guide

Are you really into Techland’s “Dying Light,” but can’t seem to make the progress you want to see in the game? If so, we have some great information that can help you move past obstacles like a breeze without breaking a sweat.

Check out our “Dying Light” Cheats and Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to move to the next level when the going gets a little too tough. It will help you to unlock the activities and collectibles that you’ve been stuck on for days.

Cheat for Unlimited Money and Weapons

Gaming Bolt offers this cheat that can help you use a glitch in the game to create an unlimited number of weapons and the same for money. The cheat for unlimited money and weapons requires the Melee thrown ability that makes it work.

Purchase three Melee Throw Skill, then equip The most valuable weapon in your arsenal. This will help you make more money. Next, you must use your skill to throw the weapon you’ve equipped.

You must go to your inventory when the weapon is in mid-air and do it quickly. The weapon that you’ve just thrown will still be in the inventory. You must drop the weapon to make your character throw and drop the weapon at the same time.

Continue to repeat to collect all of the duplicate weapons that appear so you can sell them for profit to the merchant. You need to have backpack upgrades and make sure you’re in a safe zone when you do the duplication or you might attract the zombies.

Cheats for Excalibur Sword

Cheats.Co explains that you can find the blueprints to fix and create a new sword with its Excalibur sword cheat. Look at the map then trace down near the left at the bottom near the water.

Make your character face the broken bridge that leads to the city. To the left-hand side, there will be a rock sitting in the middle of the water. Your character must swim to the rock and climb on it.

There will be a sword with the name Excalibur sticking out of the zombie. It will have the zombie pinned on the rock. You must hold down the pick up button for a full minute. This will let you pick it up. Wait on the rock until the zombie body erupts into fire. The fix and create blueprints are underneath for a new sword.

Cheat for duplicating items

For this cheat, You must have 99 times of an item to duplicate it. The first step is to put 15 times an item into your inventory. Next, go to your stash. Select 99 times the item. Choose the option to move all at one time. This will create 99 times the item. You will have 84 times the thing you selected tucked neatly away in your inventory.

Glitches for Duplicating Melee Weapons

The Melee Thrown Power Skill can be used to duplicate melee weapons. A glitch allows You to make two versions of the weapon. Use the skill to throw the weapon, then open your inventory. Drop the weapon. It causes two of them. One is dropped and the other is thrown.

Invite a player to duplicate weapons

Cheat Code Central shows us a few more tricks for duplicating items. Invite a player into your game, then drop items that you want to duplicate. Ask the player you invited to pick up all of the items you dropped.

Next, ask the invited player to back out of the game using the quit option. This saves the invited person’s inventory. Invite the player back to your game. Ask him to drop the stuff you dropped for him. Next, have him close his game without saving his inventory.

Tip for Agility XP

Here is how to gain agility experience points. You can level up the free-running expert and free running adept skill for forty XP for each climb. Go to the tower and go to sleep until it turns night because of the XP doubles during nighttime.

Leave the tower. Go down the stairs. To the left, there will be two barrels in The front Of a small building. Climb on the barrels and then climb the building. When you reach the top, have your character fall back. Get up and repeat it all over again and it will give you 120 agility XP a second.

Power XP Tip

Continue through the main missions and escape the pit. It will unlock a small floating safe house. This is an area that will allow you to level up your power skills fast. Before you start, be sure to have a good weapon.

Sleep until night to get extra XP because when you kill them at night you get more. Leave the floating safe house then kill a zombie using camouflage for bonus XP. Kill two giant zombies next and all zombies near you to gain tons of power XP.

Hit the zombies in the head because it will give you bonus XP. After all the zombies are dead, go to the safe house and go to sleep till night and continue repeating as much as you want. It’s a great way to take your power level to the max.

Make survivor points fast

To make survivor points without a lot of hassle, unlock The Bolter feeding grounds. The first step is to go to the nearest safe house and stay there till night time.

Next, go out and kill The Bolter, but you have to do it quickly. run back to the safe house and pick up 3,000 survivor points. Next, run around and entice some of the red spitting women enemies to chase you. run back to the safe house.

Straddle the fence and crouch your character down so the spit can’t get on you. Stay there until it’s morning and you’ll rack up about 30,000 survivor points. Staying out at night doubles all your points for everything. If you stay quiet the zombies are less likely to know you’re there. A good trick is to stay on a walkway for the whole night.

Cheat for fast travel

After you finish the game, you can use fast travel to go to all the main areas found in the game. Sometimes it’s fun to go back and do it all over again with the knowledge you’ve gained.

It can help you complete all side quests and search for collectibles easier. There’s nothing in the game that tells you you can go back to other maps and you won’t find anything about the fast travel option in the game, but it’ there. If you want fast travel between the Slums and Oldtown, start at your bedroom in the tower. You’ll see a poster on the wall. This allows you instant travel to the other map.

Blueprint for The Korek Machete

To get the blueprint for the Korek Machete you have to travel to the Slums at the north end, then enter into the middle safe zone. Continue going east where you’ll find a building that looks like a backward C.

There is a blue toolbox that is hidden behind blue barrels and wooden crates. They’re on the buildings’ rooftop. Kick the blue toolbox several dozen times until it opens. It’s how to get the blueprint for the Koek Machete.

This will make the remainder of the game a lot easier because the Machete will do 500 damage. You can craft the weapon if you want by using 20 metal parts and 10 alcohol. You can also upgrade it four times to bring the damage count to more than 600. This is a highly recommended item because it can take dozens of hits and it delivers big damage hit to your enemies.

Hidden Cave with secret loot stores

According to Cheat Book, you can get a lot of stuff at the Secret Loot Cave. Go to the northeast corner of the Slums and find the secret underwater cave. Begin at the safe house along with the eastern border near the north edge at the shore.

Travel the river northwards and continue till you see a small boat that has been turned over. It will be on the left. At this point, travel to your left and keep going until you reach a small barricade. It blocks off an area.

You need to jump over this obstacle. After you do, swim, traveling through the submerged tunnel. It will take You to the cave. Be ready for an attack by spawning zombies, but it only lasts a few minutes.

Defeat all the zombies that come at you. Then search their bodies and collect goodies. Next, look on the right side at the wall and find another path that will lead to another place with water. Swim along with the left wall until you get into an open-air cavern. There is a treasure chest there. Next, climb up the rock wall at the dead-end because there is a second duffel bag there.

Blueprint for The Pyza Suit

To get the blueprint for the Pyza Suit, start your quest in the southwest corner Of Old Town. Climb on top Of the roof of the last building there. Jump on the chimney that is placed at the very top. You’ll find a green pipe.

The pipe will take you into World 1-1. Travel through the area until you reach the first gap. Jump over the red water, then move back and stand on the 6th block from the gap area. If You jump a few times, you’ll see a hidden block materialize. Climb on top of the block and you’ll be able to get the blueprint for the Pyza Suit. This gives you the ability to briefly glide in the air.

Great steps to get more guns and ammunition

Watch for soldiers that appear in safe houses because some of them have guns. If they die their guns and ammunition will drop. You can run over and collect them. You can kill a guard with a propane tank in a safe zone. Just throw it at him until he croaks. Then you can take his weapon and ammo. You can keep doing this step every time a guard respawns if you want, then collect a cache of guns and ammo.

Blueprint for the Stasis Field Projector

This tip is for getting your hands on the blueprint for the Statis Field Projector. In the Rupert, The Gunsmith quest, go to Old Town and hunt in The Magic Fortress. Find the pink teddy bear. It’s in the kindergarten room. Activate the teddy bear and keep repeating the step. Continue doing this until the teddy bear explodes. This will give you the blueprint for the Statis Field Projector.

Blueprint for The Right Hand Of Glova

Here is a tip to get the blueprint for the Right Hand Of Glova. You start in The Old Town area and search for two certain stones. You’ll find one on a ledge above ground level in the back of the tilted tower in the northwest part.

The other is on the beach’s edge. Go to the southwest area at the museum and look. Collect both stones. Next, take the rocks along with you during The Shadow Of the King side quest. Find the skull that is inside Ishaq’s apartment. Put them inside the skull’s eye sockets. This will unlock the blueprint for the Hand Of Glova.

Blueprint for a Sick Bomb

To find the blueprint for the Sick Bomb, you need to go to the tower and get on the top of the roof. Go to the back part and find the checkerboard. Go ahead and make a move on it. Get on the elevator and leave the area, but go right back and use the checkerboard again. If you do this long enough the blueprint for the Sick Bomb will appear.

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