Will Monolith Productions Do A Superman Game Next?

If you checked out the recent Game Awards, you probably saw that Monolith Productions is working on a Wonder Woman game. Now let’s be honest with ourselves here, who really saw this coming? I certainly didn’t, but you know what? I’m super excited. Yeah, yeah, I think I’m with very many fans when I’m asking for another video game centered around Batman. Speaking of which, who else is pulling for another Arkham game, even though the supposed sequel to Arkham Knight was cancelled? Yes, you most certainly are, because those Arkham games were freaking phenomenal. How can Rocksteady possibly abandon that beloved franchise? Their answer: Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, which is apparently set in the same universe. That’s a little weird, isn’t it? The Game Awards also showed some gameplay for that game, and it does look very fun. But if it is indeed set in the Arkhamverse, I wonder how Batman will fit in the story. Either way, I think we should give Monolith Productions a big thank you for changing things up. I love the great Batman as much as the next comic book nut, but we have to admit that he gets a little too much attention. We’ve seen several Batman movies, played a dozen Batman video games, and he’s had more than one very awesome animated movie where he was the star. And if he wasn’t, he would be the supporting character who almost overshadowed the main character. We all love Batman, but come on, DC, how about you spread the love with the other heroes?

Well, it looks like Monolith Productions is answering the call. So what kind of game are they pursuing with the greatest female superhero of all time? I bet we can expect a heavy action-centered game with a setting based on Wonder Woman’s fantasy element. According to the information given to us by the gaming company, Monolith Productions is planning on making this Wonder Woman game a third-person, open-world, single-player action game and will introduce an original story set in the DC Universe. Now that sounds cool and all, but the real kicker is that the game will also feature the Nemesis System. For those who don’t know what that is, the Nemesis System was made popular by the famous Middle-Earth games, another prize jewel under Monolith Productions. I just have to appreciate the fact that they’re bringing back something from a gaming series that worked so well. I loved how Monolith Productions made that work and I had loads of fun playing it. It worked for the Middle-Earth games and it will definitely work for this upcoming Wonder Woman game. The Middle-Earth games were placed in a fantasy-based setting and Monolith Studios made a combat system that made us Lord of the Rings fans feel right at home. And since Wonder Woman is a fantasy-based character with fantasy-based powers and weapons, I think they picked the right DC character to make a game for.

But this makes me wonder something. If Monolith Productions can make this Wonder Woman game a hit, then maybe they should pursue another DC character. Who do I have in mind? Oh, just the biggest hero in DC. He also very unfortunately has never had a single solo video game under his wing. I’m talking about the one and only Superman. Okay, so I just have to throw this out there, but does anyone else remember playing the old Superman game on Nintendo 64? The game itself was even called Superman 64 and it was absolutely, embarrassingly terrible. This game was supposed to be based on the classic Superman animated series and it just failed on every level. I just remember flying through floating rings in the sky and knocking out only one cannon fodder enemy. Everything after that was just too freaking boring to continue playing. The only other solo Superman game I have ever played was the one based on the Superman Returns movie. Now that one wasn’t bad. Granted, the competition isn’t exactly competitive, but it was fun playing as Superman and using his powers. The only thing is, it wasn’t very memorable. It certainly doesn’t light a candle to the Batman Arkham games or the Injustice games under NetherRealm Studios. That’s a serious problem, because Superman is one of DC’s most beloved characters. Why, just why can’t he get a good solo video game? By now, it looks like Superman and video games just don’t mix. Well, maybe Monolith Studios can be the ones to solve that seemingly impossible puzzle.

Okay, so you can say that I’m being a little too optimistic too early. Their upcoming Wonder Woman game has no release window and what we saw was just a teaser. However, Wonder Woman has never had a solo game and based on the information they have given us, they sound very confident. Call me an idealist, but if Monolith Productions is confident about their Wonder Woman game, then they can redeem Superman for video games. The Arkham games worked because Batman is a superhero who uses stealth and gadgets to combat his enemies. That’s why the combat system and the predator stealth system was so fun, but obviously, that doesn’t work for characters like Wonder Woman and Superman. I can already imagine the gameplay for Wonder Woman being very similar to the Shadow of Mordor game. She’s a character who uses a sword, a lasso, and battles creatures from a fantasy world, very similar to Talion. That can translate well for her character, but can it work for Superman? I honestly can’t answer until I actually see it, but I do believe it is possible. Superman is a ridiculously powerful character, so it is tough to make him playable without having it seem too easy. But if Monolith Productions can give us the right setting and the right enemies, then maybe they can finally give us a good Superman game. That Nintendo Superman game was a lifetime ago, but it still hurts. There will come a time when we can finally put those memories behind us.

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