10 Humorous Left 4 Dead Videos


Left 4 Dead is a game that can be funny for many reasons, but usually it’s either some wacky AI or some truly dumbass teamates, and sometimes both.

Here are ten video clips showcasing just how absurd the game can get.

1. Mid-Air Headshot

If this was Halo we’d call it a “no-scope.”

2. Here Comes Santa Claus

Guranteed to ruin your childhood forever.

3. Death By Globe

“What just happened???”

4. Leaving Safe Room FAIL

Left 4 Dead is all about teamwork. Or lack thereof.

5. The Plan Goes Awry

I mean, it sounded solid, but you know Tanks and their propensity for car throwing.

6. Where the? What the?

Triptatsic. Wait for it.

7. Saved by the Tank’s Explosive Diarrhea

I thought human brains were rich in fiber?

8. 100 Witches

Now that’s just cruel. But this entire scene was better than the whole Silent Hill movie.

9. Baggage Check

I wish I hadn’t packed my man-sized safe.

10. Left 4 Bed

Real mature guys. Real mature.

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