10 Things You Didn’t Know About SoulCalibur 6

Are you a gamer who’s really into Soul Calibur? If so, then you’ll be happy to hear that thee is a new version out and it was recently released in October of 2018. “Soul Calibur 6” is out but if you haven’t acquired your copy yet, we have some information that you might find interesting. Here are ten things that you didn’t know about Soul Calibur 6.

1. It’s been a stretch in between releases

The new Soul Calibur 6 is the most recent release of the game. There are quite a few players who have played the Soul Calibur series and many of them have since moved on to new games. This is in part, because there hasn’t been a new release of the game in over six years. The developers finally decided that it was time to add the sixth entry for the series.

2. It’s being released in three platforms

Soul Calibur 6 is out and it’s available in three different platforms for the most popular gaming consoles. You can find it in Xbox One, PC and PS4. This opens it up to a variety of gamers who own these devices and Bandai Namco is hoping that the game will find a niche of players who were fans of the previous versions is the not so distant past.

3. Three editions of Soul Calibur 6 are out

The publisher decided that they would sweeten the pot for fans of the Soul Calibur series by offering it in a few different editions. If all you’re really interested in is having the game, then the standard edition is available and offers only the game and nothing else. If you want to get one with a cool metal case that comes with built-in sound snippets from the voice overs used in the game, a disc of the soundtrack and a DLC season pass then you’d probably enjoy the Deluxe Edition. You can buy the physical copy or get the digital edition which doesn’t come with the physical items. There is also a Collector’s Edition.

4. The Collector’s Edition is expensive

Be prepared to pay a pretty penny if you opt for the Collector’s editionCollector’s edition. It comes with the same metal case with the sound snippets and soundtrack. In addition, you get a Sophitia figurine and a collector’s edition box, but it doesn’t come with the Season Pass. The total cost of this edition is $149.99 before tax. If you add on the Season Pass you’re going to pay a little under $180.

5. The game’s predecessor received criticism and praise

Video games are consistently the objects of criticism from players and from professionals who rate the games. Some of the critics commented that the story in the game was lacking in excitement and depth. The fighting engine and game play, however, received good feedback from both critics and gamers. Version 5 was released in January of 2012 and was available in PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms.

6. You can order the Season pass separately

If you purchased or are planning to purchase the Deluxe Edition of the game you’ll need to purchase the Season Pass and DLC separately. The cost is an extra $29.99. The Pass will allow you Tira on the first day along with four post-release content drops.

7. Tira was a late addition to Soul Calibur 6.

The announcement was made prior to the release of the game. Fans had raised an uproar that made the developers include her because they wanted to have her included n the game.

8. There are three new characters in the game

Soul Calibur 6 features most of the characters that players became familiar with in the previous versions. Having said this, the developers also included three new characters, which is fitting for a new addition to the series. Geralt is the main character from the Witcher. Groh is the wilder of a Double Sabre that is called the Aerondight Replica. Azwel will use a Palindrome for his main weapon and from what we can tell, is going to be a mystical character.

9. The game runs on the Unreal Engine

This is the first time in the history of the series that it will run on the Unreal Engine. The visuals and animations are enhanced as the brand is attempting to secure a reputation with the franchise. They determined that changing over the the Unreal Engine was a solution that might help them to achieve this goal.

10. Soul Calibur 6 features new combat systems

Here’s an exciting fact about the new release. It will feature new combat systems including Lethal Hit which gives you a high powered strike that can almost take your enemy out with one blow. There is also Reversal Edge which is a defensive move that creates a slow motion effect. Soul Charges are temporary power ups that you can use and this combat system changes the appearance of the character slightly.

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