Five of the Best, Weirdest Aftermarket Saints Row 4 Mods

iron saint

Saints Row continues to be one of my favorite video games in existence, as it’s one of the only games out there with a true sense of humor, however juvenile it might be. I was first introduced to the game during its second installment, back when it was at least marginally more sane, and Saints Row 2 ended up being one of my favorite games of that year. The third game gave the Saints a visual upgrade, and the fourth? Well, they just went crazy.

Saints Row 4 completely jumped genres from sandbox crime game in the style of Grand Theft Auto to sandbox superhero game in the style of Infamous or Crackdown, with an infusion of The Matrix as well, which was the “scientific” explanation for giving the Saints superpowers as they attempted to fend off an alien invasion of Earth after their newly formed political party was elected into the White House. I told you it was insane.

The folks at Deep Silver recognized just how crazy their own game was, which is why they took the time to make sure Saints Row 4 had mods. Modding tools are essentially to practically any PC game, and they can do anything from simply improve the game in small ways to completely overhaul its graphics to inserting all sorts of insane things. Like, I’m pretty sure there’s a Skyrim mod that replaces all dragons with Thomas the Tank Engine.

Not to be outdone, fans of the series have taken it upon themselves to use Saints Row 4’s mods to do a lot of different things with the game, which you can see below. Here are five of the best ones I found, though I will say I skipped over about 800 Saints Row nude mods, which seem to be the cornerstone of the modding community in any game.


First Person View

A first person mod for Saints Row 4 may seem as simple as just flipping a switch and burying a camera in the forehead of the main character, but it’s more complicated than that. The difference between a third person and first person game is stark, and Saints Row has always been the latter until this mod. As you can see, it’s not flawless with weird bendy arms that dual-wield pistols, but it wouldn’t be Saints Row if it wasn’t at least a little bit funny.

Improved Superpowers

While this mod doesn’t give new superpowers past the Fire/Ice/Telekinesis ones of the game itself, it does upgrade your character’s mobility pretty significantly all the same. That may sound lame, but its glide upgrade essentially allows your character to finally fly, as you can now glide practically across the entire city. It also increases jump height and sprint speed, meaning getting around town as faster than ever. They might as well have called it the Superman/Flash mod.

Expanded Arsenal

Now this one is a true expansion of the current Saints Row 4 arsenal, as the mod adds 13 new guns that do a lot more that simply shoot bullets. The Shrink Ray might be my favorite, but the portable Mortar Cannon is a fireworks show unlike anything the game has ever seen. A few of the weapons take existing things from the game and allow them to be portable, like the VTOL cannon and the Mech gun. Very cool mod.

The Iron Saint

But do you know what’s even cooler? Making your Saint into IRON MAN! Well, not Iron Man exactly, but the Iron Saint! Clad in purple armor with the Fleur de Lis on its chest instead of an arc reactor. Many may have noticed that many of the superhero movement options and powers in Saints Row seemed like they could be coming from Iron Man himself, so this is the most logical, coolest mod out there if you ask me. This alone would be worth playing the game again for.


Alright, though I said I would skip all the nude mods, this one is boob-related, but I’m featuring it for its ridiculousness, not its sexiness. The mod gives your character truly enormous jugs, like ones that would make absurd Japanese Hentai girls jealous, and the way they appear in-game, particularly in cutscenes, is just absurd. They’re just titanic, and I don’t know how anyone could find them sexy instead of goofy. See them in action above during the opening cinematic.

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