The Keytendo is A NES Themed Key Storage Solution That Rules


You may have a place to hang your keys but I can all but guarantee that you don’t have something as awesome as the Keytendo.  For $30 you can buy one of these storage solutions (currently an underfunded Kickstarter campaign).  Instead of hanging up your keys on a conventional rack you’ll be inserting them into your favorite old school NES console.  This way, you’ll always know where you left your keys and will constantly be reminded that the NES is the nostalgic system to rule them all.

There’s also one more cool feature with the Keytendo.  The NES cartridge slot opens so you can store other stuff in there.

Here’s the description from the campaign page:

With the Keytendo, we’ve put a twist on the world’s most nostalgic gaming system by adding an inner compartment, making a sturdy and easy to install wall mounting bracket, and making keychains that show off your true gamer side. We’ve gotten the hard part over with, and all that is left is gathering the funds to turn this idea into a mass produced, affordable item!

Currently these guys are only 1/4 of their way to their goal with 22 days to go.  Let’s help them out.

Enough said:  Here are a couple more pictures



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