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Resident Evil 4 Remake has a slew of enemies to mow through regarding Leon Kennedy’s second adventure with this franchise. Everything from zombie-like locals to possessed suits of armor, they all want a piece of the special agent. With a guide about basic monsters established, this one will focus on the elite class and bosses of this title. There are quite a few of them and they all offer something new when it comes to challenges and gameplay mechanics.

Of course, the elite class comes with its own patterns and it can take some trial and error to work around them. While some are highly-trained soldiers with nuanced fighting styles, others are behemoths that will simply induce blunt force trauma onto players. There are many layers to this enemy class. Not to mention that they don’t offer anything less but a spectacle during their encounters with Leon.

Pretty much every elite enemy and boss encounter in Resident Evil 4 Remake can swiftly kill Leon with just one hit. This, naturally, significantly amps up their threat level in comparison to their minion counterparts. This is dependent on the game’s difficulty settings, of course. Coming across these types of enemies can be overwhelming the first time meeting them. This guide will break down what they are and how to remain triumphant.

Elite Enemies


  • Description – These are juiced-up brutes with “Wolverine-like” four-foot claws strapped to their arms. They lurk around Chapter 7 and it can take some work to tear them down. They’re essentially the “Licker” of Resident Evil 4. Even though they have very different designs, they’re basically the same type of enemy.
  • Weaknesses – The Garradors are blind, but have super-sonic hearing. The best way around them is to crouch and sneak around. Do not; run, walk, hit hanging chains, and especially shoot any guns. If they hear Leon, they will charge after him and slash him up with their claws. Parasites are exposed on their backside. So, stealth takedowns are doable. Thus, shooting the parasites with; rifles, hand cannons, or shotguns can kill them fairly quickly. They can also be distracted by shooting glass and bells around the area.


  • Description – Salazar runs the castle in Resident Evil 4 Remake. Even though he has the makings of a final boss, he isn’t it. He is basically the leader of the parasites of that region. He is into theatrics and is adorned in Renaissance garb, despite his small stature. During Leon’s encounter with him, he will morph into a globulous beast that will scurry against the walls. Taking him down can be tough, but luckily he is a pretty big target with one key weak spot.
  • Weaknesses – Salazar himself can be spotted in the center of the monstrous mess he turned into. It is the player’s best bet to hit him as much as possible. Single-shot high-powered weapons like the hand cannon or rifle are recommended. Sticking him with the knife is possible, but highly dangerous. Be sure to keep moving and stay in the lower levels as much as possible. Lastly, the golden egg (which can be found in chicken groves) is poison to Salazar. Using it against him will erase most of his health and render him incapacitated.

Del Lago

  • Description – Del Lago is a giant salamander that is “king of the lake” within the village region of Resident Evil 4 Remake. He will be the first boss that players will encounter. The thing about this boss is that Leon can only take it out with harpoons. Nothing else will be available. So, this boss provides a very special type of challenge.
  • Weaknesses – Much like in the sport of fishing, battling Del Lago will require a certain amount of patience. Leon’s best bet is hitting him square in the mouth whenever he charges toward his boat. That gives off the most damage. Del Lago moves fast, so hurling the harpoon slightly in front of him is recommended to land hits. Avoid debris as much as possible and try to camp out in open areas so Del Lago can be spotted easily.


  • Description – Mendez is the leader of the Ganandos. He will be the last big encounter before leaving the village region within Chapter 6. He is a towering figure, that’s dressed like a clergyman. Of course, he is not what he seems to be. Because this battle comes in two phases. Both sides of this fight will require switching up tactics and staying on your toes.
  •  Weaknesses – For the first phase, strafing around Mendez is the best tactic. Aim for either his head or the center portion of his abdomen. This can be a small target to hit, so using something with spread like the shotgun or rapid fire like an SMG to effectively hit it. Now, with his second phase, he’ll be hanging from the rafters. So, stay up on the higher floor of the barn and move side to side to avoid his projectiles. Every once in a while, he’ll throw some barrels. So, shoot them before he throws them. Whenever he gets close, move to the side and hit him in the head to eventually take him down.

El Gigante

  • Description – This boss is essentially a giant ogre that Leon will need to fight toward the end of Chapter 4. He will hurl things at Leon and will take massive damage off him if he connects. He’s a fairly standard boss when it comes to Resident Evil and he only has one weak spot.
  • Weaknesses – The parasite that is controlling him can be seen protruding from his back. It will only pop up sporadically. So, it is important to keep an eye out for it. El Gigante is a nimble creature and moves around quite a bit. So, the parasite isn’t the easiest target to hit. Stick with long-range weapons like pistols or rifles to hit the parasite. Be sure to keep moving to avoid his projectiles.


  • Description – This boss shows up around Chapter 10. It is a mix of the Las Plagas and humans. Its exoskeleton provides a natural layer of armor, so firepower will bounce off it.
  • Weaknesses – The only way around that is to freeze it with liquid nitrogen that’s stored around the hallway. Once this happens, use hard-hitting fire power like shotguns and hand cannons for maximum damage. There are some button prompts in this fight that will help Leon avoid attacks from Verdugo’s tail. Listen for audio cues whenever he scurries about in the ceiling. Thus, be sure to keep moving and use hit-and-run tactics while waiting for the elevator.


  • Description – Krauser is a highly decorated soldier that is in cahoots with Saddler. He wears commando garb along with a red beret. Leon will need to fight Krauser in Chapter 11 and Chapter 14. The first fight will be hand-to-hand combat while the second encounter will be with guns. Naturally, both fights are distinctly different from each other.
  • Weaknesses – The first fight will be with knives only. It is pretty straightforward. Look for opportunities to parry Krauser’s attacks. With successful combos of parrying accomplished, there will be a small window to melee attack him. Try to do this as often as possible to eventually beat him. The second fight is very much like fighting shielded enemies. He will have a blade in one hand and a shield in another. Using shotguns, magnums or hand cannons is paramount. Aim for his feet, legs, or head, if possible. Don’t stand in one place and keep being a hard target for him.


  • Description – This is the final boss of the game. Saddler is the puppet master of everything that is going on. He is a clocked figure that brandishes a gnarled staff. His true form is a giant “insect-like” variation of the Las Plagas. He will be accompanied by minions, which will make things extra hard for Leon.
  • Weaknesses – In true Resident Evil fashion, there will be eyeballs strategically placed on Saddler’s legs. Shoot them with a rifle or magnum to take them out quickly. Once that happens, he will be stunned. That will be Leon’s cue to run up to his weak spot and stick him with his knife. There are also explosive barrels scattered around the arena for assistance. Lastly, grenades and flash grenades are also highly effective against Saddler.


Every boss encounter in Resident Evil 4 Remake offers a fresh way to smite evil. Some enemies will require explosive retaliation, while others will only need to be tricked. No two fights in this game are the same, that’s for sure. There have been a few alterations done to the bosses for the remake that makes them a little different from the 2005 version. However, most of them are fundamentally the same. So, novices of this adventure should have no problem finishing this game. Resident Evil 4 Remake is now available for Playstation, Xbox, and PC.

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