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There’s no easy way to say this, but trading is a pretty involved process in Warframe. Nothing worth doing is ever simple seems to be the motto Digital Extremes chose for this outstanding game. Even though it’s not quick, it’s well worth the time to learn how to make a good trade. On the plus side, that’s why we’re here with this handy tutorial on exactly how to make the best of your tradeables in Warframe. Stick with us, and soon you’ll be trading it up like an old pro. Making the right deal can make your whole life simpler, or at least get you what you need to finish up a particular area much more easily.

First Things First

If you’re feeling a little stumped and you can’t even figure out how to unlock the ability to trade, there’s an easy fix for that problem. Before you can start trading, you have to reach Mastery Rank 2. You might not be there yet, in which case, all you have to do is keep leveling. Once you get enough upgrades, you have to take the Mastery Test. Iwoply over at YouTube has a great tutorial on how to handle the test with ease Your Mastery Rank will determine how many trades you can make in a day. For those who are working on reaching that level, focus on your Warframes, companion, and weapons. You’ll need seven thousand five hundred Mastery points to rank up.

Pro Tip- The number of your rank is the same as the number of trades you can do every day. Founders are allowed two extra trades per day.

Now What?

Once you have the ability to make trades, things get interesting. There are only two places you can go to make a swap. The first is a clan dojo. Every clan has one, so they’re easy enough to find. It doesn’t matter if you’re not in the same clan, all you have to do is send an invite for them to visit your dojo, or have them send an invite to you. Either way works fine. Your other option is to head over to Maroo’s Bazaar for a chance to swap out what you don’t need. You’ll find the derelict Relay orbiting Mars. It’s easy to identify by the fact it only has a single hangar, unlike functional Relays. You can always cruise the Trade Chat to find trade partners.

Learn the Language

There’s not much to this step, but knowing what the alphabet soup means will help you make a trade. There are a few simple ‘phrases’ to learn, and it won’t take long to memorize them. You’ll see the following letter designations associated with trades in chat.

  • PC: Price Check – That means someone wants to know the price they’ll pay for an item.
  • WTB: Want To Buy – If you want an item, or you’re cruising for what others might be willing to take as a trade, this will come in handy.
  • WTS: Want To Sell – Someone with an item for sale may put it as a WTS.
  • WTT: Want To Trade – They want to trade, or alternately they may be asking if you want to trade.
  • Dojo Trades – It’s easiest to start with the other player in your dojo. Once the invite is sent, and they join you, then go to your trading post. Select their name from the list and make the trade. Okay, it’s not quite as complicated as it first seemed. Half the battle is just getting to the point where you can trade. After that, finding a trade partner who wants what you have and has what you want may take some effort. The swap itself isn’t that big of a deal. If you’re dealing with someone who wants you to come to their dojo, the process is similar. The most significant difference is that it’s less work for you since they’ll do all the button-pushing. Still, we suggest you start at your own clan dojo and make your first few trades there.
  • Trading at Maroo’s – You will spawn in the Hangar when you dock at Maroo’s. Head over to the main entrance to access the rest of the Relay. You need to be inside the Concourse, the central area of the Hub, in order to make trades. You’ll see random pedestrians and a tree in the shape of an Oberon statue. Look for the tree if you’re not sure you’re in the right spot.

Select the Trade option above your Emote Wheel once you’re inside the Concourse. Keep in mind that the trade policy is items for items only. Promises of things like clan memberships are not enforceable, so don’t let yourself get duped. Press Q or down on your D-pad to put yourself in Vendor Mode. Next, select any items you wish to trade. Your offerings will be displayed above your character’s head. The same goes for other characters who are offering trades if you want to check them out.

When someone wants to trade with you, they’ll press X. Similarly, if you’re going to trade, you need to select the player and press X to trade with them. There’s a ten percent tax rate on all trades at Maroo’s, so make sure you take that into account when you’re budgeting for your trades or listing them.

Final Thoughts

Make sure you use the PC phrase regularly and shop for the better deal. Saving a little time usually isn’t worth making a crummy deal. Especially if you have to go to Maroo’s to find what you need, things can be a little confusing at first. Feel free to bookmark this page for easy reference in case you need it the first few times you trade there. Since trades are based on what other players have to offer, you may not find everything you’re looking for in one location or on the same day. Keep an eye out for the things you need most, but watch the prices too so you don’t end up losing out unnecessarily in the process. Now that you know how and where to make a trade, all you have to do is get good at it.

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