Unreality Reader Cosplay: A Magnificent Misty

As I was sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner yesterday (which yes, I’m well aware you Germans don’t celebrate) I got an email from a reader that was something along the lines of “You guys like Pokemon, right? You guys like cute girls, right? Well then check this out!”

This would be reader Josh’s friend who has a rather well done Misty costume she wore to a recent convention. It’s one of the easier costumes to assemble, particularly if you have the right shade of hair, but it’s still great when it all comes together.

More pictures of her below. And Pikachu? You need a Togepi, girl!

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  1. I love this site.I would put up most of the same things,you guy´s do. Back to topic. Yes i am German and i don´t get it, why we don´t celebrate this day! Thanksgiving is a day, where you eat with you family and friends and a have a nice day togehter, so why not celebrate it ? ^^

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