Bioware Confessions

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Apparently Mass Effect has spawned a whole “Post Secret” style site called “Mass Effect Confessions.” I found this one to be particularly moving, so I decided to recreate it with a better picture.

Personally, I’ve always felt this way, and I don’t quite understand how people could look up at the heavens and imagine that there’s NOTHING there in all those trillions of star systems and galaxies. But maybe that’s just me.

In a related note, if you share my views, this should be your new daily visited site.

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  1. That’s great. My one Mass Effect confession is that I just can’t bring myself to go Renegade… ever, even when doing multiple playthroughs. It just feels wrong.

  2. i find it simple.
    You can think of it in 2 ways.

    A. Eyther wer beeing constantly watched and so on and someone else has found us and wer to primititve.


    B. wer the first species to hit it right and evolve this far, evolution is like a magic bullet in a game of russian roulette.
    Each time we evolve again thers a chance we can mess it up.’

    and we already know there are alot of lifeforms out there, wherever there is water. the problem is maybe their not “evolved” att our level yet or the other way around.

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