5 Gems From E3 You May Have Missed

Well, E3 has come and gone. If you cared to watch anything about what was going, you may have been left feeling pretty disappointed. However, fret not, fellow gamer. For you see, outside of the big press conferences that seemed to have no target in mind, there was still plenty of things happening on the show floor. From new games, to new engines, there was lots to be seen. Here’s just a taste of great things that could be found this year.

Dishonored – Arkane Studios

How can you not both love and be utterly terrified by this?

Already announced earlier in the year, Dishonored is set to combine so many great things from other games. Take the plasmids from Bioshock, the freedom of Deus Ex, and the stealth of Thief and toss them into Half-Life 2’s City 17. Excited yet? You should be. Arkane Studios have set out to take their love of first-person action games and mix the best parts of other games in the genre to create a blend of, well, pretty much everything. From possessing a rat to sneak into a building to stopping time to dodge bullets, Dishonored offers plenty of tools and options to let you play how you like. Assuming it all works as well as it seems, this may just be one of the best games of the show.


The Cave – Double Fine

I’m sure we’ve all been here before.

Double Fine is currently one of my favorite developers. From Psychonauts to Stacking, there’s a lot I can praise. Of course, once I heard about The Cave, I had to share. From the mind of Ron Gilbert, of Manic Mansion fame, comes a twist on the Metroidvania genre. You begin by choosing three characters from a total of seven to explore the titular cave. Using the varied trio’s abilities, you must navigate the labyrinthine tunnels of the cave to help the characters find themselves. As you progress, there will be objects to collect that allow progression through the cave. There is quite a bit of variety and re-playability that comes with the different characters, as not every character can access every area. The gameplay combined with Double Fine’s humor makes for a very enticing game.


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  1. It’s a real time demo; they manipulated it real time at E3, rotating the camera and changing colors on characters. There was a walkthrough at the end of the demo.

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