Nintendo Switch GBA Emulator Rumored

Nintendo Switch rumored GBA emulator

It has been rumored for some time that along with Nintendo’s recent release of the Nintendo 64 and SEGA Genesis emulators with the previously released NES and SNES emulators, for Nintendo Online members that have the Expansion Pack edition of the Nintendo Switch Online services, that a rumored Nintendo Switch GBA emulator was incoming. While having a Nintendo Switch Online subscription has always had its benefits, recent leaks suggest that the official GBA emulator will likely be attached to a future version of the service. While this has been all but actually confirmed by Nintendo, various people familiar with Nintendo, leaks, and what makes something like appear to be authentic have said that it more than likely is coming eventually. Below we’ve gone into detail on what exactly a GBA emulator rumored for the Nintendo Switch, as part of their online subscription, could include, according to the apparent leaks and more including other possibilities for the highly anticipated emulator.

Current Emulators on Nintendo Switch

Currently, as stated above, Nintendo Switch memberships include access to emulators of later generation consoles from Nintendo, the NES and SNES systems, but a large portion of Nintendo fans are the fans that they are due to their love of Nintendo’s handheld systems that have gotten less attention as the Switch has combined the handheld and console worlds. While the Switch combined the two, previously separate, worlds of video games, fans have been urging for something that feels truly handheld without having to carry around something as large as the Switch. Hope for the GBA emulator to arrive on Switch has been long anticipated by fans but no statement has been given from Nintendo regarding such a platform, and likely won’t until officially announced much like the Nintendo 64 and SEGA Genesis emulators recently added. The NES, SNES, and Nintendo 64 emulators, while incredible in their own ways weren’t too much of a surprise when they were added as they are Nintendo properties but when the SEGA Genesis was added, it added all new possibilities for what future emulators could contain. Following the SEGA Genesis and Nintendo 64 emulators, to get another Nintendo brand emulator and for it to contain Nintendo’s handheld gems subscribers may claim it to be their favorite emulator to date if a Nintendo GBA emulator rumored to exist became reality.

Rumored Games to be Included in GBA Emulator

Although many, many games were released for the Nintendo handheld systems from the original Game Boy to the Game Boy Color and the Game Boy Advance, the Game Boy Advance was capable of playing Game Boy Color games as well as possibly being the most constantly updated game cartridge handheld system with releases from the original Game Boy Advance to the Game Boy SP and retro futuristic hybrid mini Game Boy Micro and even the Nintendo DS could play Game Boy Advance games. As stated above, this information has come from leaks that if true, Nintendo certainly didn’t mean to come to light so none of this information is confirmed but let’s go over the games leaked that may be coming to a rumored Nintendo Switch GBA emulator.

Rumored Games to be Included in GBA Emulator

As “Pokemon Ruby” and “Pokemon Sapphire” were the best-selling games for the GBA system, it’s not wonder those specific games, including “Pokemon Emerald” seem to be featured in the leak through screenshots, unfortunately for fans of the franchise, however none of the games mentioned were supposedly tested for the rumored Nintendo Switch GBA emulator, which doesn’t mean they will definitely make it to the official version when it’s released. Over the various leaks scattered throughout social media, an average of 40 games have been collected to have been tested or referenced in the leaks. Game franchises such as “Astro Boy”, “Castlevania”, “Fire Emblem”, F-Zero”, “Game & Watch”, “Kingdom Hearts”, Harvest Moon”, “Kirby”, and various “Mario”, “Metroid”, “Mega Man”, and “Pokemon” spinoff games, such as “Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire Pinball” and “Pokemon Mystery Dungeon”. Other games included in the leak for the rumored Nintendo Switch GBA emulator are “Yoshi’s Island”, “WarioWare”, “Wario Land”, “The Legend of Zelda” and even more games which made the leaks quite vast and almost too good to seem true.

Other Possibilities from Rumored Nintendo Switch GBA Emulator

Along with the rumored games for the supposed Nintendo Switch GBA emulator, what features could be available with the actual emulator when it launches, should it be real. With certain games made for handheld systems, they were made with specific features in mind that would change the way system owners could play specific games such as certain “Pokemon” games making use of the in game clock but with an emulator, such features tend to be “fixed” or ignored. Overall, we’ll have to see exactly what the rumored Nintendo Switch emulator will include from games and features to beyond but we’ll have to wait for a proper announcement from Nintendo to know if anything is guaranteed.

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