Way of the Hunter will be a Story-Driven Hunting Simulator

Way of the Hunter is a hunting simulator that isn’t seen too often in gaming today. Even though hunting has been a pivotal part of many open-world IPs out there, like Red Dead Redemption 2 for example, they’re generally a rudimentary experience. This particular game is focusing on the art of hunting in its truest form. Players will have free range with areas found in North America and Europe. Additionally, there is also a story that will focus on the struggles of a family business trying to keep their hunting lodge open. This open-world hunting simulator will cover up to 55 miles of open land to explore. There will be a plethora of hunting rifles and gear which will be authentic down to the most minute detail. This game will also expect the methods of hunting to be ethical and also scientific, in certain cases. This game has many layers, all of which center on the behavior of guns, animals, and Mother Nature itself.

Even though Way of the Hunter can easily be a solo experience, it also comes with co-op options, as well. Tagging along with a friend to bag a buck or quail will be a refreshing experience, all things considered. It appears that this game will be a slow, methodical game that will test one’s patience. Hunting isn’t exactly the most active pastime to partake in and this title will reflect that. The gameplay will involve strategy, timing, and pinpoint prep work to effectively become an expert hunter. This game will be played in the first person, of course. This, in turn, will provide some comfort to any seasoned FPS player out there who wants to try this title out. The hunting in this game isn’t a willy-nilly affair, either. It will take a certain level of sophistication and respect for the animals in order to get the highest score possible.

The Great Outdoors

Now, the thing about The Way of the Hunter is that it’s all about the journey of the bullet. There will be a special camera mechanic available to that players can rewind the camera after a kill to examine the angle and impact of a shot. This can be done from various angles, which will help players review their skills. The ballistics in this game is aiming to be some of the most realistic ever seen in any game. There will also be a blood splatter analysis mechanic that can be used to show where the animal was hit and in which direction they ran off. Of course, there will ways to track down animals by following tracks and other natural, subtle signs of their presence. The way the animals react to a player’s whereabouts will be earthy and organic.

Now, players will be able to traverse the terrain with vehicles, most notably a Jeep. Players will be able to go anywhere they please, without any boundaries beyond the 55-mile mark. Dozens of elaborately rendered animal species will be available during launch. Animals that are normally seen throughout the woods of the United States and other foreign countries like Transylvania will make an appearance. The trophy system in The Way of the Hunter will have many nuances to it. The shape of things like antlers and horns will vary depending on the health, age, and fitness of the animal. Most likely, the way animals are killed will also reflect the quality of the other resources, too. Bullets will need to be shot cleanly and carefully to ensure the best possible outcome. Let’s also not forget that there will be hunting gear to utilize to assist while on the prowl like binoculars and deer stands.

Homestead Blues

As mentioned before, there is a story to Way of the Hunter that’s essentially about saving a family business. There will be betrayal, relationships, and scuffles sparking during the narrative to help the player feel like they are a part of an actual family.  The core goal of this game is to build up the hunting lodge, maintain it and overall prevent it from going under. Players will be free to go about the map and hunt to their heart’s delight. However, given that there is a story in a hunting simulation kind of helps this game a sense of purpose. At least, something bigger than just a game centering on a hobby. At launch, there will be two large maps available with more most likely in the pipeline as DLC in the future. There is a lot of potential on where this title could go next, in terms of locations.

The Way of the Hunter is a rare breed of game. It’s a combination of an authentic hunting simulator, along with a story-driven open-world venture. This is something that isn’t seen too often. Even though there are deer hunting simulators out there, they come in a number of slim pickings. Even back in the days of arcades, there is at least one deer hunting game available as opposed to the dozens of shooters and competitive fighting games. It may not be the most popular genre out there, but there is a niche of gamers that really enjoy games of this type. From what was seen in the trailer, this IP does appear to have a highly polished look to it and quality gameplay. It’s been quietly under development for some time and it’s actually coming out sooner than most realize.

Hunting Homage

The Way of the Hunter is shaping up to be a really unique experience. Something that is a little more tranquil than other FPS titles out there. As of right now, this game is aiming to be released on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC. The development is nearing completion and the game is about to go gold any day now. The Way of the Hunter is scheduled to launch on August 16. Anyone that is curious to see how an authentic hunting simulator plays on current generation hardware might want to try out this title and see what it has to offer.


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