99 Images of Blizzard’s Gorgeous, Graphic and Goofy Hearthstone Card Art

Hearthstone 33

Blizzard’s virtual card game, Hearthstone, is kind of my latest obsession. I was banned from playing Magic: The Gathering as a child, so this is sort of like making up for lost time, and I’m completely an utterly hooked.

The game is still in its early stages in closed beta, but it already has 400+ cards, all of which have art based on Blizzard lore. Someone went through and tracked down the original art in larger form, and if you’re a fan of the game, it’s cool to see how it looks in its enlarged or original form. If you’re an expert player, it’s fun to try and match every single piece of art with its title. That’s “Whirlwind” above, I believe, “Do one damage to all minions.”

Anyway, there are 98 more of these in the gallery below. Check them out for yourself.

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