Look at All the Pretty Halo 4 Helmets

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Team Fortress has its hats, Call of Duty has its gold plated guns and prestige badges. So what do you get when ranking up and executing cool kills in the upcoming Halo 4? Why, badass helmets of course. From Halo Orbit, this claims to be a comprehensive list of every helmet you can acquire in the game, both new and from older games.

At some point, they stop looking like Halo suits and are just straight up Gundams, though I think I see a bit of Dead Space in the Venator and Locus and Deadeye just look like straight-up superhero masks.

In any case, if this truly is the master list of helmets, I think most do look pretty badass. I have high hopes for Halo 4, as Halo 3 is one of my all-time favorite games before Reach came along and screwed everything up. It’s always nice to be on the hunt for upgrades in games like these, and I’ll take badass helmets over hats or little badges any day.

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  1. It doesn’t appear they are changing much from Reach other tha classes to make it even more confusing for you, man, so you may be out of luck. I’mma rock a jetpack-powered teabag on a kill when I finally get this badboy just for the poor souls who couldn’t adjust.

    >>> COD >:D

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