Temtem 1.0 will be Releasing this Fall for all Platforms

Temtem is a new game developed by Crema that is associated with snagging up as many whimsical creatures as possible for a collection. Even though this sounds awfully similar to Pokemon, there are some notable differences in this IP. This adventure takes place within a cluster of airborne islands all of which offer a new biome to explore and unique Temtems to capture. Players will build their own “Temtem Tamer” and set off on their own adventure to compete against other players online.

Even though this game has been out for a couple of years on the PC in some capacity, it’s finally making its shift to consoles soon. Hence, a whole new demographic of players will be introduced into the world of Temtems. Not very many gamers have heard of this IP before, mainly because of the limited availability it had. Now, it is very likely that things are about to change.

Now, the story goes that the floating islands of Omninesia have a rouge group of tamers called ‘Clan Belsoto.’ They are running around the islands and hogging all Temtems for themselves. They want to rule the islands and it is up to the player to put an end to this. Since there is basically a “story mode” in this game, there is a pretty hefty single-player quest to partake in. Of course, the real appeal of Temtem is the online competitive aspect of it.

Tamers will travel from island to island in an airship to compete in competitions and explore the areas. The battles are a little different than this IP’s counterparts. There is a prep session before every battle in which players pick and choose which Temtems they want in the field. This is a handy feature for a number of reasons, especially concerning making sure that the fight will be fair.

Creature Collector

Basically, each player will have a selection of 8 Temtems in their squad. There will be a ‘pick and ban’ period during prep in which players can ban each other’s Temtems. Up to 3 Temtems can be banned, leaving the player with only 5 to work with. There is a total of 6 islands to explore, which offer vastly unique Temtems to capture. Players can venture them solo, of course. Another option is that they can also have co-op sessions with their friends.

Go on quests, help each other capture their targets and even join forces to fight one of the 8 dojo leaders. With that said, this game is actually an MMO in many regards. With players all over the world competing against one another. Players can interact with each other, as the islands are wrought with activity. Thus, all the players will be able to see each other in real-time, as well.

Customization plays a major factor in Temtem. Gamers can dress up their avatar to look in any way that suits their style. A variety of shapes, sizes, and colors can be utilized to make an avatar their own. Not to mention a slew of clothes, hats, and shoes can also be unlocked. Chances are that no two players in this game will look the same. Players can also wear costumes of different Temtems at their own decretion.

Houses are also a feature in this game. Players can build a dwelling at Atoll Road. There, they can experiment with sundry furniture, decorations, lawn adornments, and paint. On top of that, players can invite friends over to hang out if they wish. So, even if a player isn’t in the mood to hunt for the next Temtem, there are indeed some leisurely activities that they can partake in to relax.

A Tamer’s Trip

Now, there is a full version for this title coming out called “Temtem 1.0.” This will offer a new island called “Tamer’s Paradise.” This is a whole new area available to explore and new challenges to try out. There will be a sanctum, where players will need to beat a gauntlet of other Tamers in order to obtain top-Tier rewards. Plus, there will be a tower that players can enter which is a maze full of challenges to overcome.

Naturally, the maze will have rewards waiting at the end of it ranging in Tiers. With coins accumulated with every victory, players can visit an exclusive shopping center that’s teeming with things to buy. Not to mention items that they can use for battle. Additionally, there will be daily activities to partake in and new things to discover on a regular basis.

Temtem has been in Early Access since 2020. It has been a slow development cycle for this game due to unforeseen circumstances. Whatever the case, Temtem 1.0 will be the complete version of this title available for everyone to enjoy. Of course, if players embrace it, there will be many more updates coming in the future. The game appears to be well-crafted and there is a lot of potential for growth.

The current version of this game that is about to launch appears to be a good starting point. In total, there will be a total of 161 Temtems to find in this game. Right now, only half are available to seek out. The single-player campaign will have over 20 hours of gameplay, as well. So, needless to say, there is quite of bit of material to chew on. Even with the early access, there’s a lot to do. Right now, there are only 3 islands available to explore, with a total of 6 being available upon full release.

Temtem Tango

Right now, Temtem 1.0 is scheduled to be released on September 6th. It has been a while since there have been any announcements regarding this game. So, with that said, it appears that a full version of this game is indeed coming out this fall. Temtem 1.0 will be available for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PC, and Nintendo Switch upon launch. This game has been in development for a long time and gamers were starting to question if it would ever see the light of day. Well, it appears they won’t need to wait much longer.

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