Where The Winds Meet Offers Complete Freedom in This New RPG

Where The Winds Meet is a new RPG being developed by Everstone Studios. This game dropped during this year’s Gamescom and it is definitely a lot to take in. No doubt that this game has taken inspiration from Ghost of Tsushima and other open-world games in varying degrees. However, with this new title comes unparalleled freedom never seen before within a game of this magnitude. No doubt that this is a tall order, but with today’s specs in game development, possibilities are near endless. This IP appears to take place during Feudal Japan and there is a multitude of paths that players can take. The trailer dabbles in a little bit of everything concerning all of its mechanics. Most notable is the nuanced combat system that it apparently has. Thus, just about every core occupation can be committed. In other words, players will have full say so on how they can carve out their playthrough.

Technically, this game takes place at the start of the Song Dynasty. The feeling of a crumbling age and the introduction of a new chapter for an entire culture is present here. Even though this game is set in real-world historic periods, there is also a little bit of magic intertwined with everything. A slight fantastical element to make things a little more interesting. The footage shown doesn’t give gamers much time to digest anything in particular. However, it’s enough to figure out the gist of many gameplay elements. No doubt that there is influence with Assassin’s Creed and as well as maybe a little bit of Final Fantasy intertwined here. Graphically, the game looks well-polished. Not necessarily “next-gen” by any means but pretty much up there that Ghost of Tsushima was, fidelity-wise. In any case, there are some rather interesting features in Where The Winds Meet that can make it a darling among other open-world titles.

Following The Blusters of Life

The main selling point with Where The Winds Meet is that players can have their character lock down pretty much any occupation they can think of. With each job, comes responsibilities and abilities which introduce new ways to play this game. Everything from being an; architect, boatsman, assassin, doctor, and many others can be achieved. With these occupations, come very different features that open up different possibilities on how to play the game. If a player wants to become an architect, then they can erect entire communities like a building simulator, for example. Thus, players can set up shop and serve all the NPCs while playing as a doctor. Not to mention it will also be possible to be a public speaker and entice NPCs to take a certain path.

Since Where The Winds Meet will be an RPG, there will be varying skills and abilities to unlock, of course. Things like running along walls, sprinting across surfaces of water, grappling to higher places, and unlocking new combat moves will be possible. Loosely based on Chinese folklore, there will be all manners of foes to slay. Everything from other warriors to mythical beasts. Everything appears to have a grounded approach in terms of the fighting. Everything from dodges, counters, blocking, and magical attacks can all be strung together. Along with cinematic moments that tear into battles that show blades locking, among other things. The elements will also play a factor in this game. The protagonist can actually get sick while being out in the rain and snow. Wind can hinder movement and rocks will crumble when climbing them. Despite the majestic motif this game has, the law of physics more or less is intact in this realm.

The Rightful Path

With that said, traversing the landscape by horse is very much a prominent traveling method in Where The Winds Meet. With it, will be distinct combat mechanics associated. Players can kick enemies off their horses and steal them, for example. Also, while visiting shops players can simply shoplift an item and sneak out if they are feeling bold enough. Alternatively, they can just play it safe and purchase the item, if they so choose. Thus, there will be multiple ways to go about missions and mix things up. Things like sneaking into a facility, charging head-on, or simply conversing your way to victory with key characters. This game will be a fully opened playground rife with strategies that players can experiment with. On top of that, the way a player tackles a mission will yield different results and outcomes.

The last few seconds of the trailer were a little difficult to decipher. It may be hinting that Where The Winds Meet may have a PvP feature implemented into it. Something like a player invading another player’s realm for battle, like in a Dark Souls game. If not, then it could be an indicator of the story. Whatever the case, there is a lot of content in this IP that could make a true next-gen experience. The thought of complete freedom in an open-world game is always an intriguing proposition. It’s an ambitious undertaking for this developer and hopefully, they can deliver on their promise. There is still much to discover with this new IP and it will be some time before the developers will offer an in-depth look. From what was shown so far, there is definitely some potential in this game. It can easily become a sleeper hit as long as the gaming community has its eye on it and gives it a chance whenever it releases.

Destiny of Dynasties

No doubt that Where The Winds Meet could be a viable supplement to Ghost of Tsushima. Thusly, any gamer that is looking for an Earthy, eastern adventure with some mythical elements should have this game on their radar. As of right now, Where The Winds Meet is slated to be a PC exclusive. No word yet on whether or not this game will be coming to next-gen consoles. There is no release date for this IP, but expect it to drop sometime either late next year or perhaps early 2024.

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