How to Complete the Memory of Omar Agah Quest for Eris in Destiny 2

“Destiny 2” The Memory of Omar Agah quest for Eris is a mission to find Omar Agah’s lost knives. There are a series of steps that you must take to complete the quest. If you’re not familiar with this quest or you’re a newbie to Destiny 2, then you’ll appreciate a little help along with way. We’ve prepared a guide that will help you navigate your way through the quest. We also provide useful information that can help you to complete the quest faster and with greater ease. We’ve broken the requirements for the successful completion of the quest into three main phases to make it easier. There are a series of tasks that you will be required to complete. If you’re going it on your own without help, it might take longer to figure out where everything is at and what do to. We explain everything in detail to prepare you in advance.

Step 1: Kill 6 Powerful Hive Wizards

Before you can start on the first part of the quest, you need to visit the moon and go talk to Eris Morn. She’s in her normal place on the Moon and isn’t hard to find. Talk to her and receive your orders from her to begin the quest. Our first tips come from Game Rant. They recommend going to get a supercharge or using a badass sniper rifle before you even start. You’ll need the extra energy to kill the yellow bar hive wizards. Your first task is to find the hive wizards. Try not to get discouraged because they aren’t that easy to find when you’re still on the moon. A good place to look is in the lost sector K1 Revelation. Sometimes it pays to keep moving until you find an enemy with a shielded crystal. That’s a good indicator that there is a hive swarm close by. Find the hive and wipe it out to bring out the hive wizard, then defeat it. Don’t forget that you must use a super ability of any kind to kill him. Also, only the yellow bar hive wizards count. Once you’ve knocked out six of these characters, the second part of the quest will kick in.

Step 2: claim throwing knives

The second step in the quest is to claim a total of 20 throwing knives. While this might sound like an easy task, it really isn’t that simple. In order to get the knife to drop, you must deliver a precision hit for the final blow that defeats your enemy. Sometimes a knife will drop after you’ve done this, but not always. Try not to get discouraged or frustrated and just keep killing enemies and hoping for a drop. Powerful enemies are the most likely to drop a knife. You can choose between a bow or a sniper rifle for accomplishing this series of tasks. After you start on the second phase you’ll realize that it can be time-consuming. Powerful enemies are not that plenteous, especially at the lower levels. It is likely to take you several tries to find them. The higher your level, the better the results for a larger population of powerful enemies.

Useful tips

You can find more of the enemies that have the required strength in public events. It’s still going to take you more than one shot to meet all the requirements of the quest, so be patient. VGR points out a few things to keep in mind

  • hive wizards must have a yellow bar to count
  • you have to defeat 6 hive wizards
  • bows are better than sniper rifles because there is a finite amount of ammunition you’ll have for the gun
  • Knife drops are not assured with every defeat
  • Guardians in the Crucible of Gambit always drop a knife upon their demise

More tips

Game Pur adds a few more useful tips for getting through to the other side. They reiterate a few things to remember throughout the game

  • Warmind public events have more enemies that count for dropping knives
  • Don’t forget you must deliver the final blow with your super ability. It must be a precision blow
  • It’s going to take you more than 20 defeats

The final step

The third and final step in this mission requires you to go back to the Moon. Travel to the place Eris Morn usually sits. Don’t be alarmed when she’s not there because she’s not supposed to be, but you’re definitely in the right place after you’ve defeated the hive wizards and obtained the twenty knives. Instead of Eris Morn, you’ll find a portal that she has left just for you. Walk boldly into the portal and you will find yourself in a hall. Keep going until you reach the very end. She’s going to be waiting for you there. Talk to her and she will collect the knives from you and then give you a really cool reward for completing this part of the game.

Final thoughts

It’s not as hard to move through the steps to complete the mission of the quest when you have an idea of what’s required in advance. The recommendations in our guide are intended to help you prepare for some of the more difficult aspects of the mission to save a little time and frustration. Players that have made it through to the other side have been kind enough to share their insights. Although it’s still going to be challenging at times, at least you’ll have an idea of what to expect. It might take a while, but keep going and you’ll eventually get there. It will be worth it when you finally reach the end of the journey and your well-deserved reward. Then it will be on to the next challenge.

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