My New Favorite Thing: Girl Attempts to Draw Pokemon She’s Never Seen Before

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Yes, yes, it’s cool to hate tumblr because that’s where all the hipsters hang out (see the irony in that statement?), but every so often it produces greatness.

GingerHaze is my new favorite blog on the site, not because of my love for redheads, but because the girl who runs it has an ongoing project where she tries to draw Pokemon described to her by readers. She’s never played the game, nor seen any of the characters she’s attempting to draw?

The results? Hilarious. You need to head to her site and read all of them for yourself. I don’t even know like 80% of these, since I haven’t actually played a Pokemon game since like 2002.


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  1. It hurts you know…that I don’t know most of these Pokemon myself and it pains me to say I no longer care to acquaint myself with them for I do not care to.I know I get it,change is good, but not when it’s something that changes so much that you don’t even recognize it…okay guys that was a good Unreality therapy,see you next week?lol

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