Marvel AND Capcom

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For years now, Marvel has been battling Capcom in game after game, but nobody really ever stops to think what might happened if the two brands MERGED instead of merely FOUGHT.

Well that’s where Galit Weisberg comes in. He’s drawn a series of prints that show what it might look like if various characters from the two universes combined. Above we have Morrigan/Wolverine, and below, Hulk, Spidey, Cyclops, Felicia, Mega Man and Akuma all want to show you their combinations as well. The first one is…unsettling.

What other combos could you see working well? I vote Chun-Li/Juggernaut. Don’t ask me how.


Mega Man/Spider-Man


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  1. Funny..i’ve been doing this on my own. I had Akuma/Ghost Rider, Iron Man/Viewtiful Joe, Peter Parker/Frank West, Sentinel/Tron Bonne among others.

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