A Collection of Holly Conrad’s Stunning Bioware Costumes

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We feature a lot of cosplay on the site, some bad, some good, some in between. But to make a truly amazing costume? It requires more than just being a dedicated geek. It requires actual talent and craftsmanship, something we often overlook when featuring these creations.

Holly Conrad is one of the best in the business. Her Mass Effect and Dragon Age costumes are so ornate and detailed, they attracted the attention of Bioware itself. And once you see her work, you can see why.

I’ve posted some of her best creations below, which include Shepard (female, duh), Grunt, Tali, a Husk and female Hawke from Dragon Age. I’m very curious to see what she manages to create next. My vote is for Thane!

Thanks to Rebecca for the tip.

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