Time on Frog Island is a Stress-Free Tropical Island Adventure

Time on Frog Island is an isometric adventure game that echoes many tropes of titles from the past. Everything from the newly minted Tunic to The Secret of Monkey Island, there are many elements thrown into the design of this IP. The story is basically about a boy who ended up on a strange island that’s populated by humanoid frogs. A violent storm blew his ship to this mysterious place and he ended up shipwrecked with his vessel in tatters. With nowhere else to go, he must explore this island and find items that will restore the ship to its former glory. Players will go on many adventures throughout the island, meeting eccentric characters and solving a variety of problems. The entire island is interconnected with trade routes, in which players will utilize to assist the denizens of the land on sundry quests. This game is rich with activity, providing a large amount of content and many hours of gameplay.

Not to mention that there will also be puzzles to solve, treasures to find, and interesting areas to trek through. Time on Frog Island is a sandbox title in its truest form. There really isn’t a set path for players to take. Instead, they can set off and make their own adventure at their own leisure. The Frogs will be around to assist players on what to do and even help on unlocking new skills. So, there is quite a bit of RPG mechanics in this game, but they’re done from a different angle. Thusly, there are island activities to partake in to help players get a taste of tropical tranquility. Everything from fishing to farming, and even brewing are optional activities to try out. Needless to say, there is the main goal to accomplish, but players can choose whether or not how vital it is to tend to it.

Getting Froggy With It

So, the main appeal of Time on Frog Island is the control players will have on how to go about their adventure. Players can spend hours just poking around the area and seeing what it has to offer. Platforming is the core mechanic of getting around the level design and there will be certain skills needed to gain access to some places. Gliding across major gaps with a giant leaf is one example of extra ways to bypass areas. Players will discover quests by talking to the Frog people who reside in different parts of the island. The thing is that they don’t speak any language, per se. Instead, the text bubbles show pictures of what the Frogs need or want. It’s kind of like a game of Charades, in some ways. It’s simple enough to get the gist of what to do.

On the other hand, it’s also cryptic enough to entice players to set off on these chores. There are no hints or hand-holding in Time on Frog Island. Players will very much need to use their own brains to figure out how to solve these enigmas. Luckily, there is a checklist available in this game to put everything in perspective. There is a story in this game, but it generally takes a back seat over the gameplay. It is told in animated cut scenes which show up every time the protagonist goes to bed. It does give this game a little bit of mythos and reminds players of what the core goal is. The gameplay mechanics are elementary. There is a jump button and a button to hold items. This is all that’s needed to enjoy this adventure, which was tailor-made to be a comfortable experience.

Lily Pad Life

As mentioned before, there are some RPG mechanics but, it’s dependent on the item being carried. In other words, depending on what item the character is holding, it helps him jump higher, fall slower and run faster. Hence, a new skill is unlocked albeit on a temporary basis. Speaking of which, there is no combat in Time on Frog Island. Players will be free to explore the entire map without worrying about enemies. There is also no health bar. The protagonist can fall from great heights and remain unscathed. This game is all about puzzle solving and simply enjoying the world the developers created. Finishing the main quest can be done rather quickly, only if players know exactly where to go. However, the challenge of this game is gaining footing and learning the culture of an otherwise alien environment. Learning about the world of the Frogs and adjusting to their culture is part of the fun.

There is no doubt that Time on Frog Island is a charming little adventure that provides a little outlet to decompress. This game isn’t a stressful endeavor by any means. It can be a good palette cleanser for an industry that offers a slew of nihilistic tales. The main story can be finished within a handful of hours. However, given all the extra activities and side-quest available, it can go on way longer. It is solely up to the player on how they want to tend to this adventure. There is a lot to do in this game, but everything is hidden and it is up to the player to venture out and find things to do. With that said, Time on Frog Island provides a nice change of pace from other games on the market today, and it’s quite refreshing.

Frog Friendly Frantics

The thing about Time on Frog Island is that it’s mainly a “fish out of water” story. Of course, in this interactive medium, this type of story offers a very different experience. Players who enjoy games like Animal Crossing and its ilk will surely find some joy in Time on Frog Island. It offers a nice window of peace from the hustle and bustle of life and sometimes that is the very thing some gamers crave. This game is now available on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Anyone who is looking for a unique marooned, treasure-hunting adventure should check this one out.

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