The Warmest Spot in the House

We’re not normally a cute animal kid of site (that would be our friends and partners over here), but as my Xbox has been blasting out hot air and making noise like it’s a space shuttle engine about to lift off as I’ve been playing Mass Effect for the last week, I deemed in appropriate subject matter.

I hope the new, small black ones don’t do this, but my old gen Xbox is probably the single biggest power draw and heat source in my entire apartment. I don’t even need central heating as I can just turn on Skyrim at night and a warm breeze will gently carry me off to sleep.

For real though, let your cat do this, and you’ll probably red ring within the week.

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  1. My black X-box 360 goes “HRNNNNNNN” when I play Mass Effect, but it’s easy to cover up with the volume. I don’t know about heating, though. The game plays fine.

  2. My older, but not first gen 360’s fan has been louder recently but it is in more enclosed area than it was before so I notice the heat and fan more.

    My first gen PS3 is horrible. I had the server burn out once after about 6 months of owning it and got it replaced and a new fan put in, that fan has become unbearable. It comes on shortly after turning the unit on and runs for 15 minutes at a time. That isn’t horrible, but the fact that it sounds like a Mac trucks engine is.

  3. The new slim 360 is really quiet compared to the old model. If you have the model with 250gb or the 320gb hdd, you can install games to the hdd. Cuts down on the noise even more, amazingly quiet after that.

  4. The slim unit is slightly louder, but that’s because it has more cooling fans in it than the older model. The upshot is that overheating the console is now nearly a non-issue, since there’s a fan on almost EVERY SIDE of the console. O.O

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