The Girl with the Dragonite Tattoo

Please, like I could pass up a crossover between Pokemon and one of my favorite movies of last year. Misty might not be Lisbeth Salander, but I’m sure she has a darker side buried underneath all that red hair and those suspenders.

The original image was crafted by TheBaoBabs, and I would probably buy it as a poster if it was sold somewhere.

Personally, I would have gone with a Charizard, as he’s the more fearsome dragon, but I suppose that ruins the pun.  It would have made a nice segue for “The Girl Who Played with Fire” though.

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  1. A Charizard would’ve been nice, both as a segue and image, but there is always that technicality that Charizard isn’t a dragon pokemon by type. Also, I might be imagining things, but I don’t feel like you post that much pokemon stuff anymore (although I’ve usually loved the pokemon content, so I’ve never been one to complain).

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