The Plight of the Sims

torture sims

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The Sims has evolved as a game over the years, and so have the ways you can torture your poor Simoleans. It’s not just putting them in 1×1 rooms with no windows or pulling a ladder out of a pool anymore.

When I was sent this image, I laughed out loud, and I don’t mean I just slightly blew more air out of my mouth or nose. It’s probably one of the most tragically hilarious (hilariously tragic?) video game screenshots I’ve ever seen.

Maybe I should try The Sims again one of these days. Though I’d probably last about ten minutes before I looked up an infinite money cheat.


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  1. So is it true that torturing you Sims is a precursor to becoming a serial killer? I ask because I get joy from making high diving boards with no pools and making my Sims jump off of them and die. That can’t be good.

  2. A friend of mine’s daughter, who was seven at the time, was a big Sims player. He was watching her play one night as she hosted a big party in her house. She moved her Sim out of the main room then rearranged all her furniture to block the doors and windows then just sat there watching. When my friend asked what she was doing she said she needed more money for her Sim so she locked all her neighbors in the house and was waiting for them to die so she could loot their corpses.

  3. EA will be filing for bankruptcy soon and their last expansion, Seasons, made the game unplayable for a large percentage. I bought my copy before xmas and have still been waiting for them to fix whatever’s happened. There’s no solution other than to uninstall everything then re-install up to before Seasons. I wonder who will end up with Sims. They will be buying a mess. Check out the official Sims 3 forum. I can’t find any sites out there talking about this. I’m honestly thinking of sending this info to every website etc. People are even talking about a class action against EA who currently has a sale on their games which is obviously a way to grab as much cash as possible before the end.

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