Ten 80s Movies that Would Have Made Great NES Games


I happen to be in my 30s so a soft spot will always be in my heart for the Nintendo Entertainment System.  It was just so awesome.   A tiny little controller.  Only A and B buttons to worry about.  Things were much simpler back then.  Now it’s circles and left, right, up top, back, loop de loop, you name it.

Granted the games have sick graphics and the experience is a hell of a lot more real, but I’ll take Rad Racer over any racing game today.   But despite the fact that NES covered a ton of ground with games, I think there were some missed opportunities movies.

Here are ten movies I think would have made great NES games (not to mention would make great games today)

Rocky IV

Rocky IV

I think the video game character of Drago would be enough to sell me on this game.  If done right he would absolutely blow away Soda Popinski.  Plus you’ve got so much opportunity for training scenes and that soundtrack is legendary.

American Flyers


There weren’t too many good games with Cycling in them for NES.  And I have to say this movie ruled.  Would be a great theme.  Basically you bike across America until you reach the “Hell of the West” final race.



How this was never made into an NES game is beyond me.

BMX Bandits

BMX Bandits

Again, not too many great games with bikes in them for NES.  I thought California Games was the best one that involved anything related to BMX.  But to have a dedicated game like BMX Bandits would have been cool.

Neverending Story


Somehow I would like to remove Bastian from the entire game and just focus on Atreyu kicking ass with Falcor and Artex.  This could be good for role playing too as a user might decide on the fate of Fantasia.  All kinds of possibilities.



Anything Jean Claude Van Damme would make a kick ass game, in any decade.

Side Out


The NES Volleyball games that are out there aren’t too bad.   Venice Beach Volleyball isn’t horrible but I’d love for there to have been something dedicated to Side Out.  Something where you’d have hot chicks cheering and the ultimate 2 on 2 tourney.

The Color of Money


Pool games on NES sucked, period.  Getting something with Paul Newman and Tom Cruise hustling in pool halls would have been badass.

Crocodile Dundee


An alligator hunting game?  Awesome.  Mick in the city?  Awesome.  You can’t go wrong with this.

Beverly Hills Cop

Beverly Hills Cop

The soundtrack would have been enough for me to buy this game.  But add in his crappy car, funny laugh, and somehow integrate Bronson Pinchot and you have an instant NES Classic.

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  1. Good list but I’d have to say why not dreamscape? Could be interesting…..

    Going into peoples dreams, fighting whatever demon or problem they had then gathering clues to solve a mystery when you get out of the dream, I dont know, just a thought.

  2. If you want a Bloodsport game just play as Johnny Cage in Mortal Kombat. He was based on the Van Damme character from that film and uses alot of the same movie (like the splitts with a nut punch).

  3. Rocky was a game. Also there is a not very well know Ivan Drago game!

    Vandamme was in Mortal kombat, Johnny Cage where’s the same outfit that he wears in Bloodsport!

  4. Well the Adventures of Bayou Billy was kind of Croc Dundee-ish. What a game great game too. Side scroller Double Dragon style fighting, road racing, and light gun scenes! Major Win!

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