Steampunk Star Wars Cosplay is Cooler Than it Should Be

Someone recently asked me if I thought we could go one day on the site without some sort of Star Wars reference.

My response to that, why the hell would we? Despite George Lucas’ best efforts, Star Wars is still awesome, and because of that, the series spawns infinite amounts of cool stuff that I frequently post here.

The latest? A series of Steampunk cosplay from Outland Armor. I never quite understood the whole Steampunk thing, but it’s hard to argue that these costumes aren’t pretty amazing.

Check out the gallery below:











I’m not positive the gold guy is a part of this set, but I was assuming he was a variant on C-3PO.

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  1. I’ve never really understood why people are into the whole Steampunk designs, but I havent really seen any that arent badass or at the very least, somewhat interesting.

  2. I love this whole “I don;t understand why people like steampunk, but everything I’ve ever seen of it has been fucking awesome” line I hear repeated so often.

    You don’t get why people like it, but all or most of the shit you’ve seen of it is awesome.

    Could it be that people like it BECAUSE it’s fucking awesome looking?

    Seriously, that’s pretty much it. The shit looks awesome. Over-engineered, baroque, hyper-stylized, classy and classical but still sci-fi and cool. That’s why people like it, that’s why everything you’ve seen looks so cool

  3. As awesome as it does look I was jus wondering if there was a reason behind it, like maybe people took The Adventures of Briscoe County Jr, waaaaaay to seriously.

  4. I don’t like most Steampunk stuff, but the Boba Fett re-imagining works really well.

    It’s obvious that the people who made these are very talented, it’s just not a look or style that I usually like.

  5. Steam punk is a great way to take something awesome and fucking ruin it.

    It started out as an overdone and unoriginal form of art and has evolved into a subculture that rivals the stupidity of juggaloism.

  6. Steampunk stuff is overrated and retarded and just ruins everything it touches. Leave starwars the way it was, there was nothing wrong with it. It doesnt look badass at all it just looks dumb.

  7. I love steampunk but anyone who’s a fan of Star Wars needs to be beat upside the head, you morons don’t realize that Lucas took the entire world for a ride and milked it for every cent he could.

    Ignoring the hugely mind-boggling distances between not just stars but entire galaxies, he refused to release his movies on DVD, making sure everyone bought inferior VHS tapes… oh and then he releases them on DVD so everyone can upgrade.

    And the prequels absolutely blew, they ruined the entire franchise. Why bring retarded religion into it AT ALL?! “Oh Anikan had no father!” How religitarded of him.

  8. @ Philly

    Can you show us on this Luke Skywalker 12″ collectible action figure where George touched you? Was it in your naughty area?

    Seriously, I agree with a few of the things you said and even still you come off as a whiny bitch.

  9. @phillydrifter i hate to geek out here (actually, that’s a lie, i LOVE to geek out) have you not heard of hyperdrive? FASTER than light speed, and not just a little!! Oh yea, there’s something else you might not have heard of. SCIENCE FICTION. jeez. They also ignore space physics, but they would be pretty shitty movies without sound and lasers.

    anyway, im not a huge fan of steampunk- but i can definitely appreciate the creativity and work that went into these costumes. I LOVE the revision of Leia’s Slave Outfit. It gets pretty boring seeing thousands of semi-attractive girls doing the same leia thing all the time. Han’s kinda cool, but i feel like hes personality’s been altered by the costume- and Han’s just… Han. and you know what? I don’t think that gold guy is C3PO, despite how good his costume is. oh well.

    Wonderful Pics though!!

  10. When I first saw the gold guy, I thought it was 3PO right away. But on closer inspection, he’s pretty heavily armed, and no amount of artistic license can explain 3PO packin’ heat.

  11. Steampunk = Dr.Who and other B-class (not badass) british sci-fi junk from the 60’s. Some of the stuff is nice aesthetically but nothing new. Whatever rocks your boat, to each his own, live and let live and all that. I prefer these nerds make cool stuff than build incendiary devices. Peace out

  12. I LOVE, absolutely LOVE those lever action pistols!

    Great detail, this stuff must have taken a lot of work.

    All the outfits were neat, Vader’s and Boba’s were insanely good.

    +1 to the guy who mentioned “Briscoe County Jr” a show that was quite ahead of its time. Also a show from the 1980s called “Q.E.D.”

    Oh and the “Wild Wild West” movie which was totally panned at the time it came out but seems to have been about 10 years ahead of it’s time in production design.

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