I Hope He Got Likeness Royalties

Uh, wow. No, seriously. I’ve seen “oh this guy kind of looks like this cartoon” pictures before, but there’s no way on earth that this guy wasn’t the actual character model for Carl from Up. You can dress up any fat asian kid like Russell, but the facial features on this guy are IDENTICAL from his mouth to nose to overall head shape. Throw on a bow tie and whiten up that hair a bit, and it’d literally be perfect.

Seriously, I’ve never been hypnotized by an old man before, but this is just fascinating. Could he be one of the Pixar animator’s fathers or something? That would be the only explanation that would make sense to me.

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  1. There’s a few things that make me think that guy doesn’t really look as much like the Up guy.

    1. This guy is smiling ridiculously, which is what makes his head shape look especially close. I would like to see him not smiling and see if his face looks that wide.

    2. He could have bought those glasses after the movie. It doesn’t look like he’s wearing them to be able to see properly. He has them pushed down his nose too far.

    3. His hair looks like he’s using some sort of styling product. I don’t know many old people that regularly use hair product.

    I do admit that all of these could be proven wrong with a couple more pictures. I’m just saying that an unaltered likeness such as that is a bit hard for me to swallow without additional evidence.

  2. Errr, I have another explanation. Like notes in music, there are only so many combinations, which is why some songs sound similar to others, if not identical, take my sweet Lord/ He’s so fine for example. As the image of Carl is C G I, and there are only so many combinations of of physical identifiers, it is the same as musical notes. Ok, the chances of an identical match are astronomical, but computers work in a binary, logical way, so the chances are narrowed by the initial programe parameter, age character etc.

  3. Why are you people dissecting this? It’s just a cool old dude that happens to look a lot like Carl in a certain picture. Take it at face value, geez.

  4. To Grand Wazoo, my girlfriend’s grandpa who is nearly 90 now puts styling gel in his hair after he showers, his hairs looks the same every time I see him. And even if his smile makes his face wide, and the glasses were pushed down, he still managed to look just like the guy from UP. So I’d say this is pretty fricken amazing since I thought he was just a character and couldn’t imagine what he’d look like in real life.

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