Movies We Can Appreciate: Nighthawks


Since myself and Madison are old farts (a whopping 42 and 44 years old) we tend to get nostalgic when watching movies that are a bit older than this new generation of crazy graphic blockbuster films.   I for one can appreciate technology in films but I hate when it’s used “just” to be used.  Because in many cases it sacrifices the quality of a film.

So I decided to create this little column called “Movies We can Appreciate” which is going to focus on those movies that tend to be a bit older, focus on the story, characters, and just all around awesomeness.  I will write 10 things I like about each film and hopefully we shall discuss at the end.

This week’s first film is the terrorist chase movie Nighthawks starring Sylvester Stallone, Rutger Hauer and Billy Dee Williams


For those of you who don’t know the plot a writer summed it up nicely

Deke DaSilva and Matthew Fox are two New York cops who get transferred to an elite anti-terrorism squad. About this same time, an infamous international terrorist shows up in New York looking to cause some chaos. It’s up to DaSilva and Fox to stop him, but will they be in time…?

Don’t worry, there will be no spoilers in these articles.  So let’s get to 10 reasons why this movie kicks ass.

1. Sylvester Stallone’s beard and mustache are legendary.
2. Billy Dee Williams as a sidekick? Check.
3. One of the best uses of a song by the Rolling Stones. (they use the song “Brown Sugar” in a critical moment in the film)
4. Rutger Hauer is one of the coolest terrorists ever in this movie
5. The use of the Roosevelt Island tram is highly badass.
6. Bionic Woman Lindsay Wagner is in this movie!
7. Seriously, they don’t make terrorist movies like they used to. This has a solid plot, great chase scenes, and even solid acting.
8. Pretty cool twist – I guess for 1981 it was a cool twist
9. Obviously the leather jackets involved in this film
10. Did I mention Stallone’s beard?

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  1. I like this idea for a series of articles. I’ll have to check out Nighthawks, as it’s one of the few Stallone movies I haven’t seen (also haven’t seen The Party at Kitty and Stud’s…and won’t ever. *shudder*)

  2. lol yeah me and the guys saw this when it came out in the theater, then went stupid during the “new age” of the video store..heh heh heh…we must have watched it 7-8 times in slow-mo for the good scenes…yeah i’m old at 46, but we had star wars!!!

  3. I have a dream when I “grow up” and settle down, I want to shave my currently insanely out of control beard (it’s about 8 inches long) and shape it up like Stallone’s in this flick. It’s one of the best beards ever

  4. I have enjoyed this film since seeing it–or rather first hearing it via the radio station which carried abc programming audio one Sunday night in 1985.
    For the longest time, it was the only film starring Stallone which I had seen–I had yet to see a Rocky film at that time–where I didn’t see the Rocky and Rambo elements which at the time I thought were ridiculous.
    One sequence I always liked was his confrontation with Hauer on the sky tram. When Hauer aims the weapon at him with the safety removed and Stallone is standing just over an open floor with an automatic weapon aimed at him, he is vulerable and that is not how I usually think of Stallone as being.
    Wagner is underused, which is a shame. I don’t quite know what issues drove them to part as I guess that was edited out. Along with footage of Wendy Malick.
    Khambatta is a striking presence with a full head of hair.

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