The Saddest X-Men Costumes of All Time


There was no band of superheroes I loved more than the X-Men growing up, and lord knows I owned at least two pairs of Wolverine pajamas. Unfortunately, there are some out there who never grew out of their “dressing-up-as-their-favorite-mutant” phase. It would be one thing if their costumes were cool, but it’s something very different if they’re an absolute disgrace to the character.

Here’s the squad I managed to assemble. They’re all pretty pathetic in one way or another, but you could throw them all in from of a video camera, tell them to do the Macarena, and it would still be better than X-Men Origins: Wolverine.



If Scott Summers was an anorexic Philippino kid.



There are many sad things about this picture, the least of which being he doesn’t even have claws.



He’s the Juggernaut bitch, and you better bring him some waffle fries.



Sorry, we were going for “Mystique,” not “Smurf prostitute.”



Are you sure you’re on the right website?

Phoenix/Jean Grey


Not the worst costume ever, but AHH CRAZY EYES!



Sadly, this Magneto only has the ability to control paper mache.



When his career as a superhero didn’t workout, Nightcrawler decided to become a librarian.



I understand Rogue is southern, but is a mullet really necessary?


Alright, let’s be real here, Jubilee actually has one of the worst costumes in the history of time to begin with, so it’s not this girl’s fault she looks like a lunchlady.

And I leave you with…..ICEMAN!



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  2. The Jean grey and rogue constumes were pretty good (so was jubilee minus that yes her ‘costume’ is essentially a very 90’s wardrobe lol).

    but yea.. the people IN said constumes dont’ do them justice.

  3. I don’t think the little kid was that bad. Give him a break, he looks about 8 or 9. And the Cyclops remark was mean. I happen to be Filipino. Think about what you want to say before you actually say it.

  4. I don’t see what was so wrong with the Dark Phoenix costume, to put it on a blog about the saddest X-Men costumes. At all.

    And the Colossuss one was fine. So was the Rogue.

    Do you even know what you’re blogging about? Have you even read the comics?

  5. i find this post really rude. quit dissing on cosplayers. we cosplay to express and not to impress. it doesn’t matter if people are impressed or not. it’s how we express ourselves. there are a lot weirder things other people do than cosplaying. try blogging that up.

  6. OK well… maybe I am a bit partial because Dark Phoenix is my friend (and I am in the pic behind her) But I think she looks great! She didn’t make that costume. AND what are you talking about … “Crazy Eyes”? Seriously??? EVERYONE wanted a picture with that woman! EVERYONE!!!!

    I think that the people featured in this “Worst Costumes” did a pretty good job… being that they probably aren’t artists or costume designers. I think they could have been better… yes… but I think that they are pretty cool for what they are.


  7. dude that colossus one was pretty good and the jean grey one dude why r they here???oh well……………………..I’m the JUGGERNAUT BBBIIITTCCHHH!!!!!

  8. The Gambit, Rogue and Jubilee ones are actually pretty good. Jubilee’s costume screams 1989, but hey, I love the character. None of the costumes are particularly bad. Although some of your comments did make me laugh, like the one about Juggernaut. Don’t know what’s wrong with that chicks eye’s either. She’s one of the best looking X-Men fans I’ve seen too.

  9. Alyssa, shut up. I’m Filipino and I found that comment funny. Geez, just because they make fun of a Filipino guy you dumb PC thugs get offended. Why didn’t you get offended about the Juggernaut comment? Oh right, because he’s not Filipino.

    Anyways, that was about the only thing I found funny. There’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with the Jean Grey picture. Which leads me to believe that the writer of this article ran out of pictures and got desperate. Meh.

  10. Have you ever read X-Men?? The Rogue cosplayer has a mullet because Rogue DID have a mullet, for a very long time. Cosplaying a character with dopey hair doesn’t make it a bad costume.

  11. sorry not everbodys comments i disagree with… what a time wasting idiot paul is… he`s probably got a small willie to…and so he feels he must pick apart people for no good reason… personally i think their all not to bad at all 🙂

  12. none of this post is even good. cosplay is hard to do and even harder to do with little to no money. the Jubilee one was pretty dead one and the rest were really good.

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