10 Little Kids in Movies That Really Piss Me Off

Annoying Kids

You may have caught my article on kids that rule in movies.   Well just as easily as a kid ruling in a movie, there’s the chance that a kid will really piss me off.  And I don’t care if it’s a kid.  If I’m paying good money to see a movie I don’t want the movie ruined by some little punk 10-Year-Old who can’t act.

That or having the obvious realization that the producers of the film simply inserted the little person into the movie to try and squeeze a couple more dollars out of the film.  Nothing’s worse than a wasted character and when that character is a child I have zero sympathy for.  In fact, it even bothers me more.

Here are 10 little kids in movies that really piss me off

Anakin Skywalker

Annoying Kids

Clearly the most obvious choice.  This little bastard couldn’t have possibly been more annoying if he tried.  Kid couldn’t act worth a damn and the fact that he and Jar Jar Binks were in the same movie together should constitute an elimination of all evidence that Phantom Menace ever even existed.

Bastian in Neverending Story

Annoying Kids

This little punk gets to ride Falcor?  Atreyu was the man.  Bastian was a little puss. Why did people ever find Barret Oliver cute?

David in Cocoon

Annoying Kids

Oh congratulations David.  You have new socks.  Who cares?  He’s even worse in the sequel when he can’t get girls and sucks at baseball.From the makers of “Bastian in Neverending Story didn’t piss you off enough and now we’re gonna let this kid star more movies.”

Terry in The Gate

Annoying Kids

Easily one of the most annoying people of all time.  You’re into Satan, tell your friend what to do, and have red hair.  Could things be more annoying?  No.

Simon Lynch in Mercury Rising

Annoying Kids

The CIA have created an indecipherable code that Simon Lynch, a 9 year old autistic kid, has cracked. And the CIA wants to kill the kid.  Well I’m pretty sure I would to.  He couldn’t have annoyed me any more in this movie.  Oddly enough this is the same kid who ruled in Kindergarten Cop when he says “Boys have a penis, girls have a vagina.”  I don’t care if he’s autistic.  It’s the acting that pissed me off.

Ron Weasley in Harry Potter

Annoying Kids

I admit, I’ve become a fan of Weasley as he got older and the movies got darker.  His role become clearer and Grint became a much better actor.  However, as a child he just kind of annoyed me.  While he was Harry’s friend and all, I felt like he was a bit of a third wheel.

Buster Blues in Blues Brother 2000

Annoying Kids

First of all this movie should have never been made.  Secondly to put a kid in a suit with the sunglasses just to get a “cute value” thing is borderline illegal.

Toby (The Little Brother) in Fear

Annoying Kids

Couldn’t even find a picture of the little runt

OK, fine, I’ll give him points for running over a dude with a car.  But let’s face it, the kid is a total wuss.  The entire movie he barely talks.  When he does it’s lame.  Even when he runs the guy over his face remains stone cold.  I have no respect for this whiny little terd.

Tim Murphy – Jurassic Park

Annoying Kids

Alright you were kind of cute (Joseph Mazzello) in Radio Flyer but come on buddy.  You suck.  Stop bothering Dr. Grant and invading stuff like high tech equipment in cars and making fun of your sister.  You’re just a douche with really crappy lines.  Couldn’t they have gotten a good looking kid who barely speaks?

Michael Cutler in Over the Top

Annoying Kids

What an absolute brat.  Plus this kid cries at least 15 times in this movie.   Come on kid.  Your dad is Sylvester Stallone.  Trucker and arm wrestler?  He’s a total badass and you’re correcting him on his English and using the word “sir” for half the movie?  Shut up.

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  1. What about the little girl from spielberg’s war of the worlds (Dakota Fanning if I recall well). That girl pissed me off the entire movie!

  2. At least those people have done something with their lives rather than sit at home and write insulting things on their computers about children.

    I’d say that you are just jealous.

  3. the little guy from radio flyer and jurassic park was too cute! you”re a total fag for wasting your time on making something like this, i can’t believe i actually sat here and read this. i wish i had this 45 seconds of my life back.

  4. Ron Weasley annoying cause of his hair? You’re an idiot. He’s very attractive. Go get a life rather then blogging about your hate for little kids that are already more successful than you.

  5. Rupert Grint is the third wheel?

    This just proves how messed up the movie is and how the author has never read the book. Ron is NOT the third wheel. He is Harry’s best friend and Hermione is considered annoying by both of them.

    What is wrong with having red hair? Rupert Grint is the best actor of the three. The author of this is very ignorant.

  6. Please, think…Jake Lloyd was never meant to be a mini Darth Vader. He was the precurser to th whiny teenager, No one understands me, I’m better than them, almost crybaby who starts to turn to the dark side, then gets hinself somewhat messed up, and then he is made into Darth Vader. MADE. Vader was never born, he was made. Jake was very good as the little Anakin, the rebelious smart arse at times, hinting at things to come in the near future, the bratty teenager.
    Sit down and watch the films in sequence, you will see just how well he fitted into the role.

  7. Kids in general really irritate me tbh, I’ll likely end up single with dogs/cats because of it, but I really don’t intend to change anytime soon so…such is life lol.

    As for most annoying kid, probably short round from Indy and the temple of doom….I wish the dark priest would have thrown him in the lava pit.

  8. ronald weasley was an amazing edition to harry potter. he had red hair cuz it was what everyone in his family had you moron. him and harry were friends before hermoine became their friend. without him harry and ginny would be together but hermoine would be all alone. I’ve read all the books three times and watched the movies atleast a hundred times. without ron it would have truly sucked your just bitter and obviously don’t know what your talking about. Don’t you feel stupid now that you have seen the end and seen how well he fit in.

  9. Actually I think Jake Lloyd gave a really good performance as the young Anakin Skywalker. He was just hampered by the terrible script he had to work with. It’s not like he could have argued it with George Lucas, like the older actors could (some people even got fired for arguing with Lucas).
    I knew this list was bollocks the moment you included Tim Murphy from the first Jurassic Park. Those two children were fantastic child actors and infinitely superior to their sequel counterparts.

  10. I notice you’ve edited the entries in this list to remove the particularly stupid parts that pissed so many people off. Even now, though this list is an embarrassment.

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