Gangnam Busters


What’s that? If you hear Gangnam Style one more time you’ll throw yourself off the nearest building? Well, too bad, as this Gangnam/Ghostbusters mashup is too good to pass up.

I’m not sure who figured out first that the Ghostbusters theme has practically the same beat as Psy’s song, but the two fit together in a way that’s almost flawless. I’m also unclear as to why there are two identical mini screens in this video, but perhaps that’s to fool YouTube copyright police or something.

Check it out above. I never thought I’d hear a fully Asian rap song on the radio in the US. Love it or hate it, that is truly impressive.

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  1. Yay, PSY! Now I’m finally not the only one with Asian music on his iPod at work. This is cool, but nothing will ever beat the Big Trouble In Little China Gangnam Style parody.

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