8 Ridiculous Clips From Classic Charles Bronson Films


There are classic “tough guy” actors out there and then there are just action stars.  When you think tough guy you think of dudes like Clint Eastwood or John Wayne.  These are real “men of men” types.  They don’t mess around.  I mean think Curly from City Slickers.  It doesn’t get any more dudelike than that guy.

But one overlooked man has got to be Charles Bronson.  Sure 99.9% of his movies are B movie, well C movie crap, but you have to admit this guy is as badass as they come.

From Death Wish to westerns, here are 8 ridiculous clips from Charles Bronson films

That’s Gotta Hurt

I mean they flat out show the grabbing for at least 20 seconds.  Bronson pulls out zero of the stops.  I mean ZERO.

“They Killed the Giggler”


This isn’t as amazing on the Charles Bronson front but the “they killed the giggler” line is incredible.

Graduation to the Rocket Launcher


The first Death Wish movie featured a little tiny crappy handgun and Bronson just walking around at night killing people.  Now that man is seriously packing.  I actually laughed when I saw the rocket come out.

I Was Making a Sandwich


This might be my favorite line to ever come out of Bronson….and I mean EVER.

Taking on Muggers in a Subway Car

The music is amazing here.  Surprise!

It’s My Car


Vintage Bronson right there.

And Now Every Gunshot from Death Wish movies

Gunshot Heaven Part 1

Gunshot Heaven Part 2

It doesn’t get more ridiculous than that.

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  1. No matter how many times I see him in actual movies (like The Great Escape), every time Charles Bronson is mentioned all I can think of is the Simpsons.

    “Hey ma, how bout some cookies?”

    “No dice.”

    “This ain’t over.”

  2. 99.9 % of his movies are B- or C-crap!? Talk about the IGNORANCE. Sure, he made a lot of direct-to-video crap in the 1980s in particular, but so did a lot of older action stars during that decade, the only difference was that Bronson had a larger following and made more movies than his colleagues. I can list several Bronson-movies considered genre classics, some even legendary masterpieces: Once Upon a Time in the West, The Magnificent Seven, The Great Escape, The Dirty Dozen, House of Wax, Vera Cruz, Battle of the Bulge, Red Sun, The Mechanic, Mr. Majestyk, Death Wish (the first one), Breakheart Pass, Hard Times, Telefon and Sean Penn’s The Indian Runner.

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