A Stellar Gallery of Star Trek Cosplay

Star Trek opens today and, like my buddy Paul, I wanted to write or post something related to its highly-anticipated release.  Also like my buddy Paul, though, I really haven’t seen much Star Trek.  I’ve never seen any of the movies, and I’ve only seen one episode ever (the one where Kirk has to fight some alien to the death or something). 

I’ve never seen an episode of Deep Space Nine or Babylon 5 or Star Trek: The Next Generation, and I’m not even completely sure that Deep Space Nine and Babylon 5 are a part of the Star Trek universe.  That said, I am excited for the new movie, and I do appreciate some good cosplay.  Hence, my decision to create a gallery of Star Trek cosplay.  Take a look at some good – and some not-so-good – Star Trek cosplayers after the jump.


Are the masks necessary?  They kind of creep me out.  It’s like Spock had a child with Michael Myers.


You can just tell that the old dude in the middle counts down the months, days, and hours until he can dress up like Captain Kirk.


Wow – the dude on the left looks a lot like Patrick Stewart.


A male borg and Seven of Nine.


I guess McDonald’s opened up on Kronos, too.


A Trekkie and Batman pose for a lovely photograph.


I love the ears.  Put in a bit of effort next time.


Even dogs can cosplay, although this little guy looks pretty miserable.


Some pretty good Klingon costumes.


I don’t know what game is supposed to be played on this table, but how about some strip poker?  No?


These Klingons look – how should I put it? – quite dandy.


Marry me, Seven of Nine.  I’ll give you nine minus seven.

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