10 Clips of Video Games Acted Out in Real Life

Last year, I posted a clip of live action Mario Kart, but little did I know that there are dozens of clips of video game fans acting out there favorite video games.  Playing video games isn’t enough for these people; they are so immersed in the gaming experience that they feel the need to act the game out in real life.  Either that or they’re bored and simply want to be a little creative. 

As you can imagine, some of the clips are pretty crappy, but others have a surprisingly high production quality and are actually quite entertaining.  Naturally, some are just silly.  After the jump, enjoy 10 clips of video games acted out in real life.

Super Mario Bros. on stage:

Mario really likes his mushrooms:


You’d think that a fake mustache wouldn’t be too tough to add:

Altered Beast – rise from your grave!

Golden Axe:

A very bizarre Pac-man from ebaumsworld:



A Japanese Zelda commercial, or exhibit Q as to why the Japanese RULE:


A very impressive Half Life 2:


Got any videos like these that you like?  Or even better, have you made any of your own? If you have, send them to me at unrealitymag@gmail.com and I’ll post them!

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