Town Of Salem: Review

Town of Salem is an incredible card game that is full of deceit, enigma, chicanery, murder and vengeance and it can be said to be the successor of the party games mafia and werewolf. Every character in the game has its own unique role to play and one can be a winner by simply fulfilling their appropriate roles.

There are certain roles that allow you to get complete information about the murderers. But that’s not enough. You have to disseminate this information to all the other characters so that they don’t remain oblivious about what’s happening around them. Every day brings something interesting with it. You can vote the players to death and you can even murder them. The best part of the game, in my opinion is that you can spread rumors and false information to deceive other players.

As mentioned earlier, game contains some insane elements to. The roles might allow you to communicate with dead people; keep a check on who enters whose house and some of them may require you to vote them dead, among others. That’s really crazy stuff isn’t it! To cut the long story short, I would say that it is a complete package forms those who have some fondness for mafia games. The game is still a mystery to me!

The game has some negative points too that will be discussed below:

The game in the non-killer mode has got some tools that can take you to the victory, but it primarily depends on your luck. Majority of the clues that you get are absurd and they may de-track you. A player can manage to identify one out of three or four killers but the game doesn’t end here. You have to persuade other payers that you are telling the truth and consequently you are right. Furthermore, there might be some killers who don’t disclose accurate information, making you unsure about its authenticity.

Being the part of the mafia, you are at freedom to get your own chat at night. Also you can choose someone to be murdered every night and to pick arbitrary roles.

Another flaw in the game is that mafia never wins. It might be due to the town inhabitants getting lucky at times and they may manage to kill the right person or they may be killed by a group of invaders if they attack them at a wrong time. So the entire burden of my debate is that it’s all about luck. If you have got such luck, you can be a winner too!


To make game more enjoyable and interesting, I would suggest that more power should be given to the town classes. The one who gets information should be certain about its veracity (at least sometimes, if not always). Secondly, you will have to convince others even if you know about the killers in the start. So making others believe is a part that will make the players lose interest (in my opinion)

To sum it up, it’s a good game that could be made better by making certain changes in it. I would advise you to give it a try!

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