Dan LuVisi Has More Art Than I Thought, And It’s Crazy


We just featured Dan LuVisi‘s Buzz Lightyear and EVE art, but turns out he’s got even more stuff that I missed. Stuff that is so crazy, I owed it to him, and all of you, to feature it.

Yes, that IS Wreck-It Ralph as a barbarian-esque bloody punching machine above. And below you’ll find horrifying, terrifying versions of Bert and Ernie, Finn from Adventure Time, Donald Duck and more. I would be terrified to peak inside this guy’s brain for even five minutes.

Check out the rest of the craziness below:

ku-xlarge (5)

ku-xlarge (4)

ku-xlarge (3)

ku-xlarge (2)

ku-xlarge (1)

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