A Hayao Miyazaki Fighting Game? Sign Me Up

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I’ve seen a few of these fictional fighting game collages, but damn, this is just awesome. I would pay an incredible amount of money for a Hayao Miyazaki themed fighting game, as the possibilities for character select and move sets are endless.

Personally, I’ve got to go with Princess Mononoke as my champion of choice, but Tortoro would be a lot of fun too.

Even better than this? One giant anime themed fighting game brawler. Ghost in the Shell vs. Cowboy Bebop vs. Akira vs. Bleach vs. Dragonball Z and so on. The possibilities would be endless, and extremely badass.

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  1. This is actually possible you ever heard of a game called M.U.G.E.N go and download it and find these characters its a 2d fighting game with any character you could ever think of and if you have the art skills you can create your own characters.

  2. The forest spirit will own all but I bet Ashitaka will kick some ass too. I am interested in what arsenal of moves each character would possess. The giant robot would no doubt have his lazer eye but what about porco? does he get his plane? is Totoros special move billowing out a loud yell? I would totally buy this.

  3. @ender88: totoro’s yell would stun enemies in front and push them back. he could also swallow character and spit them back out and he also could do a tail swipe and head butt.

    ashitaka would be very much like Link in SSB. Mononoke would be rather like Sheikh. Howl could kinda disappear when you hit him and have some magical moves. His Ultimate would be Bird Form. Kiki might throw mailbags from the air.

    @OP: Anime crossover would be bloody amazing. Akira would only have two moves: 1. Cry 2. ANNHILATE THE WHOLE STAGE. Though i’d be happy with just a good One Piece Fighting Game. The Character Roster has some amazing abilities and deserve so much better.

  4. Well…there is a series of fighting games in japan that has DBZ and Bleach in it, along with 120 other Shonen jump characters new and old. The games are Jump Superstars and Jump Ultimate Stars. They’re for the DS and import only. They play like Super Smash Bros. except you get a team that you pick and can even apply some effects to when you select them for a manga styled page almost where the characters and boosters make the panels. It’s really cool. I had the second game and it was awesome. I recommend any anime fan to look into it.

  5. Needs more Ponyo, expanding things to ludicrous size to drop on you and being difficult to hit, and calling in her parents for combo attacks, MvC style.

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