The Best Grumpy Old Men in Movies

For some reason the movie On Golden Pond has been on TV a hell of a lot lately.  And I have to say that as I get older the more I like Henry Fonda’s character Norman Thayer Jr.   I think of all the grumpy old men in movies he might be the best one.  In fact I contend that he is.   Never have I seen a character more sincere, bitter, yet totally likable as in that film.

However, there are certainly others that have nailed the grumpy part to a tee.   I decided to look around and came up with a pretty solid list that the whole family will enjoy.

I decided to have video scenes of these guys so you could see how awesome they are.  Enjoy the list after the jump….

Mickey Goldmill in Rocky

Definitely one of the best if not best “coaches” in the history of movies.  “What are waiting for!  Tickets!”

Norman Thayer in On Golden Pond

If you haven’t seen this movie then you really should.  He’s one of the all time greats.  “I’m nice.”

Max Goldman – Grumpy Old Men

I can’t support Jack Lemmon in this.  Sure he was good but Max and Grandpa are 100 times better.

Grandpa Gustafson – Grumpy Old Men

Good God Burgess Meredith was awesome in this.

Walt Kowalski – Gran Torino

Sure this clip makes fun of the movie but it’s pretty damned funny.  You could also go with Eastwood in Million Dollar Baby.

Melvin Udall – As Good as It Gets

I’d have to say that other than A Few Good Men this is way up there as being one of Nicholson’s best roles.

Jack Manilow –  Road Trip

Clearly his best stuff is when he’s walking around with a boner.

Ted “Old Man” Clemens – Billy Madison

It’s Poop Again!

Carl Fredrickson – Up

Awesome movie.

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