The Many Faces of Daniel Day Lewis

Will you look at that? No, not the many faces of Daniel Day Lewis, the fact that I was able to get through an entire day without a single Skyrim post. Amazing!

But yeah, this is pretty cool too, as it shows the diversity of Lewis in his many, many film roles. I have to say, I prefer the facial hair, and my favorite is his Gangs of New York ‘stache.

The reason this picture was made is because at the bottom left we see a picture of him in full makeup as Abraham Lincoln in Steven Spielberg’s new biopic. Quite eerie, but accurate.

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  1. He is actually the best actor in the world, and you never hear about him in Hollywood gossip because he keeps to himself in Ireland.

    Sorry for coming of like a total douche, but I absolutely love his work and I felt like I had to contribute with my extremely limited knowledge about him.

  2. You know posting “I got through an entire day without talking about skyrim” is a cheating way of talking about skyrim, right? That’s like being a good samaritan, then going around telling the rest of the world how great you were. If anything, it makes you sound way more obsessed with skyrim than an actual post about skyrim would have.

  3. @ Crentist – you would only need to apologize if you were wrong.

    Which you assuredly are not. The man has no equal.

    @Patty – here’s hoping he stops the Method research before he gets to Ford’s Theatre.

  4. Lincoln pic is actually of him at some restaurant, not in full makeup. Still looks awesome though. I know nothing about the movie, but I’ll bet everything I own he gets an Oscar.

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