10 Great Vomit Scenes in Movies


Regurgitation.  Every time I read that word I think of the movie American Pie.  It’s funny though.  Despite the Stiffler “pale ale” scene seeming like it’d be a puke scene, you never officially see him throw up.  You merely see his spew all over the girl’s shirt.

One would think that vomit scenes are quite common in movies.  And they are.  But actually seeing the puke isn’t all that common.  Isn’t this a wonderful topic?  I suppose if you’ve eaten your fair share of chili dogs today you might want to stay away from the following clips.

Here are 10 great vomit scenes in movies

Stand By Me – Lardass Barfarama


It’s at second 46 of this clip.  Just hearing Jonah Hill say “what the f&*k!” is worth this scene.  It may not have been long but it’s hilarious.

The Exorcist

There’s tons of vomit in this movie.  Honestly this clip gave me the chills so beware of watching it.  Scary stuff in here.


When Neo is first taken into the “real world” and released from his cocoon he pukes.  Obviously it’s a pretty significant scene in the movie.

Team America

Those that didn’t think this movie was funny are wrong.  This scene is simply more validation.


There’s more than one puke scene in this movie if you consider the alien saliva to be puke.  But I’m referring to when all that white good is spit up by Ash.  It’s nasty.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find a clip but the trailer is amazing.



Monty Python’s Meaning of Life

Always fun while one is at dinner.

Van Wilder – Dog Pastry

This is one of the few scenes that actually makes me nauseous.  It’s hilarious but it’s just wrong.


When the kids at the Sandlot win a game with some rival kids, they celebrate by going on a roller coaster after dipping tobacco.  Not a good plan.

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  1. Hey great post- I am really enjoying this site and now I come here everyday. Posting scenes from ‘Stand By Me’ will keep me coming here, too! LARDASS LARDASS LARDASS!

  2. The 40 Year Old Virgin– when the falling-down-drunk-but-still-driving-home girl hurls all over Steve Carrell, he asks her “did you have a strawberry daquiri?” Classic.

  3. What about the ‘Vomit Gore’ Trilogy by Lucifer Valentine?

    – Slaughtered Vomit Dolls
    – Regoregitated Sacrifice
    – Slow Torture Puke Chamber!

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