Tin Hearts is an Emotional Puzzler Coming Later This Year.

Tin Hearts is a new VR game that digs into a particular sub-genre that is a rarity these days. This title is a puzzler that is in the same wheelhouse as Lemmings and, in all fairness, Krusty’s Super Fun House. Tin Hearts is a heart-wrenching story about grief and overcoming life’s obstacles. In this game, players will be in the shoes of a toymaker during Victorian times. Throughout a series of platforming enigmas, he must find a way to march these toys from one end of a room to another. Meanwhile, he needs to avoid traps and pitfalls in order for them to reach their goal safely. It is a simple concept that provides a certain level of depth to games of this type. However, with this title, there is a poignant story that unfolds with every level completed. It isn’t a static experience that many games of this genre tend to be.

The developer over at Rogue Sun mostly consisted of veterans of the much revered Fable series. Hence, there is this level of fairy tale charm that hums through the intricate design of Tin Hearts. Given that this is a VR title, the fidelity won’t be as awe-inspiring as seen on PC and consoles. Nonetheless, the graphics are crisp and everything appears to play smoothly. This is very much a miniature adventure, allowing a simple room to become a grand landscape rife with adventure. Additionally, the puzzles can be rather nuanced in their configuration, forcing players to really tap into their gray matter. There is a playable demo available right now. Players can dabble in this game to get a taste of what to expect. There is a lot to look into with the demo. Since it provides a hefty amount of content that will surely win over the uninitiated.

Torture of the Past

Tin Hearts was announced quite a while back. There have been sporadic leaks popping up here and there. This year’s Gamescom finally unveiled an updated look at this IP and showed off how it’s shaping up. The goal of this game is to route toy soldiers to their rendevous point. There are over 40 levels in this game, spanning through a timeline of generations. Naturally, every subsequent level becomes more complex, introducing new mechanics and tricks. The soldiers will bounce off trampolines, float on balloons, open pathways with cannons, and even ride vehicles. Players will be playing as the toymaker from a first-person perspective. With their own hands, players can manipulate the direction of the soldiers by placing a fulcrum in certain spots. This will force them to change directions and activate different contraptions. Levels will change in terms of the environment. Not only it will keep the aesthetic fresh, but also introduce new challenges, as well.

Everywhere from the bedroom, the toy shop, a backyard, and the basement are locations players will interact with. Thus, not every level will be a simple riddle to solve. There will actually be enemies of varying types that will attack the soldiers. A jack in the box, mechanical spiders, toy robots, and even traps will try to crush the soldiers. Of course, the ultimate enemy they need to deal with will be gravity. The soldiers will blindly march off ledges if players don’t route them fast enough. This game is very much a “fly by the seat of your pants” type of experience. It will require constant trial and error to finally figure out what works. Thusly, there is also an exploratory element in Tin Hearts. There are collectibles to find that offer clues as to what happened to the toymaker and his family.

The Toymaker’s Tears

So, with every clue that is found in Tin Hearts, it unlocks a cut scene that gradually unveils the plot. It is a tragic tale that evidently broke his mind and he needs to cope by losing himself in his work. There is also a feature that allows players to manipulate time. Players can either fast-forward or rewind certain moments to rectify certain mistakes. Really, it’s no different than the feature found in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. There will be multiple ways to make paths for the soldiers to walk on. There will be no ultimate solution, but varying ones. Players will be free to experiment will all the objects and tools that will be strewn about on the level. There will be all sorts of ways to come across a solution. It is purely up to the player to find out what works best for them.

Tin Hearts has been quiet with its development for several months. Its showcase during Gamescom established that its indeed coming together. There are some surprises to be found in this puzzler that not many people expected. Hence, there is no telling what other features this game may be holding upon full release. There is no doubt that this game has come a long way since its initial announcement over a year ago. When it comes to VR, this will be a very intimate experience. Players can physically lean in to get a close look at things. Thus, they can touch anything that is around them with their hands. It’s almost a surreal experience that will allow players to feel like they are peaking through a window of an alternate reality. This puzzler has the potential to become something special.

Capturing Fleeting Hearts

Additionally, Tin Hearts will also come with a spellbinding soundtrack composed by Matthew Chastney. It adds a layer of emotionality to every level which, in turn, gives this game a more cinematic feel. This game will be a soulful endeavor for anyone looking for a story-based puzzler. As of right now, Tin Hearts is aiming to be released for PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Quest. Thusly, it will also be available for PSVR, as well. Which, by the way, might be the most ideal way to play this game. This IP will is scheduled to be released later this year.

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